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Holistic Eleanor

Eleanor Hayward is a Holistic Practitioner, providing you intuitive healing, Reiki and massage body work, plus personal development mentorship in the Hamilton and Halton Regions. She is passionate about physical, mental, emotional, spiritual care for your dynamic balance of health and wellness with proven solutions so you may thrive. 

Insight and inspiration for your healing journey to feel lighter and more connected

Caring hands-on touch for your body, mind and spiritual well-being

Personal development for heart-centred people, learn to practice inner empowerment and healthy boundaries

Study, learn and practice personal healing techniques for relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation.


When you feel tired and stressed, I am honoured to share a variety of alternative health services to rest, reflect and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul!

Hours for Holistic Eleanor

Health & Wellness
Personal Evolution Solutions


Natural wellness practices and training to serve your journey towards the best version of you!

60 min $70

Rest, Reflect and Rejuvenate

You Are the best investment you will ever make

Personal Empowerment, Embodiment and Evolution