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The simple, yet effective personal development teachings & tools of The Love Your Vibe Transformation, founded by Elvira V. Hopper Coaching have shifted my world entirely 🦋

This #ThinkingThursday, Jennifer Hawkins and I are honoured & privileged to have opened space in our Communities for heart-centered people to more deeply learn about themselves for inner empowerment in this wonky world 🌟

Is there anything here for you?


💗 A heart-centred human who has been especially challenged during the last several ‘pandemic’ years?

💗 A heart-centred biz owner who truly understands the importance of doing your ‘Inner Work’ of healing & evolving, in order that your business may THRIVE?

💗 A heart-centred leader with a life experience that nearly killed you but you can now see happened FOR you, so that others (still struggling as you once did) could benefit from the wisdom of your Story, Message & Magic?

💗 A beautiful combo of ALL of the above who wishes to add another stream of inspirational leadership to your business on a turn key powerful proven biz platform?

➡️ If so, please check out this much beloved, personal development program that has fast become a global movement 🌎

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🤩 Here’s what our fabulous graduates (virtually 100% who wish to become facilitators) are saying:

✅ “Better than years of therapy”

✅ “I won this program but I would have paid double for it”

✅ “BEST personal development I have ever done”

✅ “My leader and my community have become family I chose for myself”

✅ “I’m BACK baby!”

DM Elvira V. Hopper any and all questions!

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