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About Holistic Eleanor
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Thank you for joining me here along your journey.

To facilitate healing and healthy boundaries is my life mission. I invite your engagement by creating a safe space for you to reflect and share, then offer simple yet empowering teachings and tools, plus intuitive guidance to serve your highest good.

Your journey of inner self growth is an adventure, and all of your feelings are valid along the path of wellness.

In providing Holistic Healing services and personal development SOULutions for your body, mind and spirit, I am fulfilled. Either privately or in beautiful community, your needs are my priority.

Integrity is an important value of mine, along with compassion, vulnerability and non-judgement. I believe in you!

More about Eleanor

Growing up near High Park in Toronto, I connected early in relationship with nature. A membership in Brownies and Girl Guides nurtured this love and appreciation.

My mother’s lineage has healing blood, many medical professionals, so I came to massage therapy naturally. Although a kinesthetic learner, I can be rather analytical and skeptical.

It wasn’t until I was attuned to Reiki energy, and when I had my eyes opened by a patient who was more sensitive than I, that I started paying more attention to subtle healing energies lesser known by our western culture.

With time, I learned that we’re all nature in spirit, one and all connected on a deep level, and my intuitive abilities budded and blossomed. No one was more surprised than me, when I could accurately sense my clients’ emotions and experiences. Though at first was confusing, with time and practice became a gift to share with the world, and you!

My gift is to sense holistically where your body, mind, heart and spirit is misaligned, disconnected or “blocked” by a form of conditioning or trauma, that is a way your body compensates and protects itself. Then I’m privileged to share my teachings and tools to empower your inner healing, so you may more fully embody your divine potential, and evolve into your authentic best self!

My divine gifts are empathy and curiosity, meaning I can sense the feelings of others, complete with the ups and downs, and I care about getting to the root of your issues. By learning to combine these gifts into my super-power of emotional intelligence, I stand in professional service for your transformation, and this opportunity sincerely feels like a blessing. My belief is that we are designed to heal deeply within, and embody harmonious relationships for our next steps of human evolution, together.


When you feel tired and stressed, I am honoured to share a variety of alternative health services to rest, reflect and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul!

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