Passive and Active Healing

Healing hand and rainbow, empowering words for active & passive healing

Passive and Active Healing

When you think of healing, what comes to mind?

When you’re hurt or sick, that you’ll get better with time in a PASSIVE fashion?

To a degree, yes our immune systems are astounding networks of organs and cells, with amazing power to defeat infections and keep your tissues humming along. 

By my understanding from researching health and wellness, I came to the path of trauma.

Trauma is not the circumstances of what happened to us (and our ancestors for an intergenerational perspective) but the effects of which that stay in our bodies, embedded in our epigenome, cells, and subconscious mind.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching The Wisdom of Trauma by Dr. Gabor Mate for his experience and skill on the topic.

I’ve come to the conclusion that healing is also an ACTIVE journey.

Most of us are aware and practicing optimal nutrition, hydration, physical activity, and sleep which are of service to our bodies.

I’m curious, are you active on your path of personal development?

My understanding is when we make time and energy to examine our mindset, and level of emotional intelligence, indicators and byproducts of embodied trauma, we create space for enhanced flow of healing energy in the body.

There are numerous systems and modalities of personal development to choose from, so if you’re not already engaged in self exploration, then I highly recommend you do!

The Love Your Vibe Transformation is the gentle-rain soaks approach, rather than some approaches that are more in-your-face. 

I’m passionate about creating space where all are safe, seen, celebrated & supported so heart-centred humans can feel courageously vulnerable to be honest with themselves, share intimately their stories, and be witnessed non-judgementally. 

THIS is healing!! The glow on their faces shows a deeper recognition, understanding and relief, signs of this divine process. Do you know the feeling?

Your feedback is always welcome!

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