Breathe Love and Gratitude

Breathe love and gratitude, meme by Holistic Eleanor

Breathe Love & Gratitude

It’s #ThinkingThursday 🌸 How are you today?

It’s been an interesting week, flowing with my intentions for personal & professional empowerment, embodiment & evolution 🦋

The self-care tools I lean on the most, are sitting in breathe and consciously cultivating love & gratitude in my heart space 💖

Before I nurtured myself this way, I THOUGHT I loved myself and was grateful.. but I bullied myself and was often anxious.

The universe showed me how I was an overthinker, which is a trauma response, to outwit any perceived threat!

This is my nervous system working to protect me in fight/flight/freeze/fawn mode, yet is ultimately fatiguing, and draining on the immune system 😜

When overthinking, I tend to hold my breath; can you relate?

Breathing is the #1 method to reconnect our head to our body, to listen to embodied wisdom in our heart and gut 💗

Now I KNOW I am loving & grateful, and I feel like I am putting this more peaceful energy into the world, rather than that bullying, anxious & fearful energy I used to ☮

How is this resonating with you? Your comments and shares are always welcome!

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Much love & compassion to you today, and everyday, I’m here for you ☯

Relax, Refresh, Reflect and Rejuvenate

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