Counter Casual Cruelty with Compassionate Curiousity

Counter Casual Cruelty with Compassionate Curiousity, meme by Holistic Eleanor

counter casual cruelty with compassionate curiosity

This #ThinkingThursday, I wish you warm & safe greetings 💖
On a sensitive topic I share vulnerably, with intention to serve your journey of healing, since intergenerational trauma is coming to mind 💞
Yesterday in Yin Yoga class this phrase emerged from my consciousness, counter casual cruelty with compassionate curiosity 🧘‍♀️
What does this mean to you?
Similar to a couple weeks ago that I vulnerably shared, as I shifted from ‘fetal’ to ‘embryo’ position (pardon my lack of the traditional asana terms), memories came, an awareness of FEAR, followed by tears. Oh how they flowed 😭
I recalled when my mother told me as a child “it’s a man’s world, Ellie” and “if you’re ever being raped, call out ‘fire’, because if you call ‘rape’ for help, no one will come.” 🔥
She wasn’t graphic, and I didn’t know what she meant, yet her warning seared itself in me. I’m actually appreciative she told me the hard truth 🙏
How many people fear for their daughters, more than their sons?
On my path of #InnerWork, I’ve been consciously aware of healing a fear of the masculine, which underneath that is essentially a fear of embracing the divine feminine essence 😱
This was since it was pointed out to me that I tend to be a very masculine woman, which I have come to understand is a defense mechanism compensation in a perceived unsafe world 🚻
What I mean by intergenerationally, is to say in the tradition of the patriarchy, it has been an unsafe world for women, and this fear has been passed down in my DNA and very cells from ancestors 🧬
As a woman who has never been assaulted or physically abused, this is how I’m perceiving the experience, and it resonates on a cognitive level. My heart is with women (and men) who have been 💗
It’s easy to see how casual cruelty is manifested in systemic oppression and contempt 😔
However I’ve come to see that ‘power over’ attitudes and behaviours are entrenched as trauma responses, with fear as the root emotion, where ego takes the wheel to protect ourselves 😡
When we take radical responsibility on the path of healing, we can see that this is a self-defeating approach, bringing us to collaborative ‘power-with’ energy of synergy lifting everyone up 🕉
Compassionate curiosity is a necessary ingredient to this inner trauma healing work. Each and every one of us embodies trauma to some degree, our culture is too distorted to escape this fact 😜
Thankfully some of our #LoveYourVibe #Community were meeting yesterday for book club, coincidentally My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem on the topic of healing trauma, and they were willing to create space where all feel Safe, Seen, Celebrated & Supported, so I could continue metabolizing this energy 🌈
A peaceful world needs those with privilege to dig deep and be courageous to face our shadows, and reconnect with our intuitive, divine souls with unconditional love, by recognizing and integrating our ego ☮
It’s a rewarding and enlightening path as I learn to become #Aligned #Authentic and #FullySelfExpressed as a soul in human form ☯
I hope this makes sense! How is this resonating with you today?
Your feedback & shares are always appreciated 🥰
I encourage everyone to adopt a #GrowthMindset, with #TheLoveYourVibeTransformation as one powerful #PersonalDevelopment SOULution 💕
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Wishing you many blessings for your healing path ✨
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