Choose Self Love

With gentle compassion, choose self love. Meme by Holistic Eleanor

Choose Self Love

Happy #ThinkingThursday!

Well, we’re in the depths of winter here in the northern hemisphere, how are you keeping?

As much as I’m feeling grateful and flowing in business, my vulnerable share is that my physical body is feeling rather lethargic.

I know many are feeling overwhelmed with darker feelings of depression, anxiety, grief, worry, doubt & shame 😔

This post is intended to reflect an energy of being gentle with yourself, from this recovering over-thinker who has often been very hard on herself.

Can you relate?

Along my path of #InnerWork, I’ve learned about ego dynamics, and how each of us has voices in our head that tend towards narratives of Bullying, Victimization and Saviourism.

Each of these patterns are a defense mechanism to keep us safe, yet they paradoxically keep us stuck in a pattern of self harm and neglect 😣

They are entrenched by our colonial culture as well, where “tough love” is the conditioned norm, which is actually a form of manipulation and abuse.

When we can heal our traumas and learn to reconnect to our soul’s vibrant wisdom, we can see that unconditional self love, practiced with healthy boundaries is the way to personal liberation 🌟

In this case, past me would run through a gauntlet of inner shame and name calling, ruminating, whining, and distraction by focusing on others. Judgements, including blaming laziness, get us nowhere fast in a downward spiral 🌪

With time, #PersonalDevopment and intentional practice, I can hold deeper compassion for myself with awareness 💗

From this space of presence, recognition can emerge, with some choices to better sense my needs and shift behaviour with curiosity 🤔

Checking in, do I need a shift in nutrition, hydration, movement, body work? Perhaps I need to journal, practice affirmations, meditation, ceremony, creativity, or play? Or do I simply need more rest?

#TheLoveYourVibeTransformation creates space for us to practice Extreme Self Care among other simple yet effective teachings & tools that have saved founder Elvira V. Hopper’s life, as well as many in our beautiful community 💞

Together we create space for each other where we’re safe, seen, celebrated & supported to share our losses & wins, which feels cathartic and deliciously glowy 💖

The VIP Mindset Reset Online is our foundational course with videos & worksheets for your reflection, unlearning & relearning!

Your feedback and shares are always appreciated!

Sending my love and blessings for your healing adventure 🦋

Relax, Refresh, Reflect and Rejuvenate

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