Congratulations and Thank You

Congrats and thank you, meme by Holistic Eleanor

Congratulations AND Thank YOU

HIP HIP HOORAY 🥳 This #ThinkingThursday I’m celebrating 🎉🎉

Excited to announce a new graduate of The Love Your Vibe Transformation by Eleanor Hayward’s 6-Month Group Mentorship Program, and more amazing souls joining the #MiracleMagnetMovement with a full community 🎊

Such an honour & pleasure to facilitate space for my client-participants’ #InnerWork and witness profound personal empowerment & healing insights 🌟 CONGRATULATIONS on your accomplishments!!

Thank you for your trust & compassionate energy as we co-create space for everyone to be Safer, Seen, Celebrated & Supported together on our journey of #PersonalDevelopment 🦋

Our Apprentices were EXTRAORDINARY too!! Mary Jane McQueen, Christy Holt, and Robin Lehman, are fantastic  facilitators!

They’ve been studying the #MiracleMindsetMentor #FacilitationFundamentals course that I’m blessed to have co-created, and practiced their dynamic skills LIVE in session 💞

Also, the lovely & peaceful Julie Rose is beginning a community later this month, open to a few more heart-centred souls if you feel aligned 💖

In the meanwhile, JOIN the Miracle Magnet Zone group for daily insight & inspiration, with our compliments 💫

Or BUY the #VIPMindsetReset online course to begin your path with the teachings & tools that saved the life of our founder, Elvira V. Hopper!

Hear her powerful story from mental illness and bullying to Miracle Magnet, and receive worksheets for your personal reflection, link in comments & bio ☯

What are you celebrating lately? Please share so we can join in, anything big or small 🎉

My very best to you on your adventure of healing & growth to greatness ☮

Relax, Refresh, Reflect and Rejuvenate

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