Congratulations and Thank You

Congratulations & Thank you, meme by Holistic Eleanor

Congratulations and Thank YOu

This week we wrapped up the finale session of The Love Your Vibe Transformation 6-Month Group Mentorship Program!!

First, CONGRATULATIONS to our client-participants (you know who you are) 🎉

It was a pleasure to create space where you were safe, seen, celebrated and supported 💞
To witness your up’s and down’s, and your Ah-Ha moments is an honour, and my purpose as a #MiracleMindsetMentor 🙏
You achieved such accomplishments as:
💖 Beginning a podcast
💖 Co-parenting a new infant
💖 Finding your stride in your international business
💖 Re-creating healthy boundaries in relationships
💖 Better shifting from triggered reactions into conscious responses
💖 Dedicating yourself to your Extreme Self Care, and
💖 Re-writing the end of your life stories to be more empowered
I imagine you would have succeeded at these efforts without our community, but we love that you had a safe harbour to discuss your challenges and wins, and hope you learned some skills to ease your path 💞
Next, a huge THANK YOU to our Apprentices, you’re all awesomesauce! A shout-out to:
Pan Vera, you are such a divine masculine energy in our community 💙 Your entire life experience astounds me, and your non-violent communication skills are ever-valuable as we evolve 🦋
Julie Rose, your child at heart energy is engaged yet peaceful ☮ Your presence is so warm and inviting! I admire your dedication as an ally to social Justice Equity Diversity and Equity (JEDI) 💞
Aline Marie Brown, your alchemical spirit is nurturing and inquisitive 💫 It’s always insightful to listen to your musings, through the lens of your varied life experience! I love your enthusiasm in co-creating safe space for everyone ☯
You are all amazing facilitators and will make stellar Miracle Mindset Mentors yourselves 💖
I love that Elvira V. Hopper’s vision includes leading leaders of leaders! One where we all share our Story, Message and Magic with others to demonstrate a path of healing and growth to greatness 🌈
To those reading, for a tantalizing taste of the #LoveYourVibe #MiracleMindset teachings and tools and how they may serve you, please join the free Miracle Mindset Invitation event in the Miracle Magnet Zone group next week 💕
Another 6-Month Group Mentorship Program with Jennifer Hawkins or Holistic Eleanor is beginning again this September, stay tuned 💗
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