Don’t “Should” All Over Yourself

Don't Should All Over Yourself. meme by Holistic Eleanor

Don't "Should" All Over Yourself

A wise mentor of mine recommended, say the word “should” 3 times quickly, and what does it sound like?? I giggled and saw her point 💩
Don’t “should” all over yourself!
I used to tell myself what I “should” do, and ultimately realized NO ONE likes to be told what they should do.. it’s poor communication, and frankly it’s a manipulative word.
How would you feel if I said “you should comment and share this post”? Can you sense the bully ego, with judgement and pressure to conform?
I’ve had men approach me and say, “we should exchange numbers” and this is such a red flag for me now, no thank you 🚩
When used internally, I can feel the energy leaking out of myself, and even from others 🤔
This post was by request of a Holistic Massage client this week, when I could sense she was binding herself with this cognitive pattern. “A lightbulb went off for me,” she says after 💡
With a slight shift in mindset, with #InnerWork practice to unlearn “should” and instead use the more expansive “could”!
This presents options — a choice — which is infinitely more empowering 🌟
For ourselves in our own heads, and with others in conversation 💞
How is this resonating today? Please like, comment and share if it feels better ☮
Many blessings to you 🌈
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