Gratitude Practice with Yoga

Gratitude Practice with Yoga

Peaceful greetings this #ThinkingThursday ☮️

Have you ever practiced yoga?

Often when I ask this question, I hear, “I can’t bend like that!”

I assure you, I have felt this way too 😜

However, part of the mindset is essentially #AttitudeOfGratitude 💗

Appreciate the movement, strength and balance you DO have, rather than lamenting the perceived lack, in comparison with others especially 🙏

Each time I practice I feel deeper in connection with my breath, body & soul 🌈

This principle ripples into the rest of my life, #LovingMyVibe in the moment 💖

This is a recipe to decrease anxiety and sadness, do you agree?

Your comments, questions & shares are always appreciated 💞

Many blessings for a day of love, light, and aligned action 🌟
Relax, Refresh, Reflect and Rejuvenate

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