What Holistic Wellness Modalities Do We Practice?

what holistic wellness modalities do we practice?

I’ve been massaging people since kindergarten; hands-on healing is my foundational field of study. I was a practicing RMT in Ontario for 17 years, though my license has been relinquished since the pandemic. However, I still simply love kneading your muscles to relax and rejuvenate your physical body, it is my gift and skill. Holistically, your body, cognition, emotions, feelings and spirit are taken into account.

Acupressure-Tapping is a phenomenal practice that serves to acknowledge the stories in your mind, heart and gut. When you’re aware and care to share your truth, you may better choose which serves you best, allowing you to be more aware of untruths your ego may fool you with. This provides an opportunity to discuss any lessons you may have learned along your path, to help you align authentically for your highest good. This approach can be integrated into either your holistic massage, or distance healing.

Additionally, as a Reiki Master I provide in-person & distance healing sessions. This service facilitates a flow of energy to you, grounding your energy field, intuitively balancing your chakras, and sharing any insights that may be perceived. Crystal gemstones are an optional, value-added inclusion for your wellness experience.

Intuitive Readings include a chakra scan & interpretation of your holistic energy field. Occasionally, past life insights are glimpsed for your consideration. Divination cards or rune stones are drawn for an uplifting message, with interpretation for your personal questions. Your Angels, Guides & ancestors are welcomed for your highest good.

To me, this is not fortune telling. My gift is sensing your present and past. Your future is not certain, the way you approach your path of healing will influence how your life unfolds. If you say nothing, I can get an empathic sense of your energy field, for a glorious, yet passive experience, and it is my pleasure. Though the more actively involved you are by courageously communicating your honest truth, the easier I can tune into your specific challenges in service of your best life.

Miracle Mindset Mentorship guides your personal development journey, when you’re ready to practice simple, yet effective teachings and tools to shift your awareness and emotional intelligence. When you share your stories in a space where you’re truly safe, seen, celebrated and supported, your perspective will shift for deeper alignment with authenticity. The important adventure of inner work is easier with a peer who’s been there. This approach is part of The Love Your Vibe Transformation, co-created with our vivacious founder, Elvira V. Hopper. I aim to serve your healing, growth and greatness.

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