How Does Holistic Healing Compare To A More Clinical Approach?

Holistic healing

How does HolistIc Healing compare to a more clinical approach?

With an RMT clinical approach, your physical body is assessed and manually treated. Primarily, patients are assessed and with their physiological goals in mind, then a treatment plan is created. Massage Therapists inquire and receive your history, posture, gait, range of movement, daily activities and ergonomics, aggravating and alleviating factors. With your personal case in mind, they then apply manual tools, usually the therapists’ fingers, hands, forearms and elbows, to your physical body. Their general intention is to decrease tissue tension, stimulate circulation of blood and lymph, with overall benefit to postural alignment and physical function.

I love this approach, and humbly speaking I am skilled at it with countless positive results and grateful patients. With my training & experience, your holistic massage can still be approached with these symptom-reducing techniques and effects. You will receive the value of pain relief, improved range of motion, empowered vitality and more for your financial investment.

However, with many years of practice I see that even massage can be considered a band-aid solution, when there’s psychosomatic dis-ease root in trauma and consequent protective mechanisms which impair the flow of healing energy for optimal tissue repair.

I was already studying a university education in Social Psychology (a dynamic combo of Sociology, the study of human relationships & institutions, and Psychology, the study of mind & behaviour) as a mature student in the direction of mental health support.

Since the global pandemic, Spirit has called me to courageously serve the world with my intuitive gifts, training and practice, NOW, not only later upon graduation.

A Holistic Healer is a bit of a misnomer, as I believe no one can heal anyone else. We ALL have the divine power of healing within. A healer is one who shares teachings & tools, holds space, and gently triggers within you the ability to heal yourself.

As such, I refer to myself as a Holistic Practitioner, because I do my best to practice what I preach with various wellness modalities. With my experience, I will shine a light along the dark path you may feel you’re travelling along.

May I inspire your inner empowerment with deeper self-love! I invite you to embody my healing care for integrated wellness, and evolve your mindset and heart set with emotional intelligence and holistic practice!

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