The Love Your Vibe Activation workshop

The Love Your Vibe Activation

Unlock and Activate the potential to ‘Love Your Vibe’ with 3 Keys for personal evolution! Self-Love. Awareness. Choice. This 3.5-hour workshop is an opportunity to shift your perspective! Where do you get stuck in ‘low-vibe’ patterns? Do emotions such as fear, shame, resentment, bitterness and frustration prevent you from living life fully? Please join us…

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The Universe Has A Wicked Sense of Humour. See the Paradox, Shift Your Paradigm.

The Universe Has A Wicked Sense of Humour

I’m reminded not to believe everything I think… Our thoughts are based largely on our perceptions, too often judgements stemming from the information interpreted by our five (sometimes fewer) senses. I find the Universe will often demonstrate poetic justice, or some sardonic twist to teach a lesson. All this to say…

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The Love Your Vibe Activation workshop

We Are Holistic Creatures

This Thinking Thursday I’m reflecting that we are holistic creatures, each a body, mind, and soul together connected by spirit. I was conditioned that physical health was separated, yet have come to learn our mental and emotional wellness are intrinsically vital to overall health.

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Healing hand and rainbow, empowering words for active & passive healing

Passive and Active Healing

When you think of healing, what comes to mind? When you’re hurt or sick, that you’ll get better with time in a PASSIVE fashion? To a degree, yes our immune systems are astounding networks of organs and cells, with amazing power to defeat infections and keep your tissues humming along. By my understanding from researching health and wellness, I came to the path of trauma…

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Meme by Holistic Eleanor, Holistic Massage for body, mind & spirit

Love Your Vibe with Massage

This Thinking Thursday, I’m passionate to share about a big way that I love my vibe is with massage! Both getting, and giving. Have you ever received a massage? There’s nothing quite like a treatment from a practitioner who is fully present, trained to manipulate soft tissues with ease…

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The Path of Personal Development, meme by Holistic Eleanor

The Path of Personal Development

This Thinking Thursday, I’m simply loving the path of personal development. The Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset teachings & tools within The Love Your Vibe Transformation are simple, yet powerful! My journey of Inner Work has led me from an overly dramatic, anxious over-thinker, to a more embodied human full of unconditional love and gratitude for the present moment. With each step…

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Relax, Refresh, Reflect and Rejuvenate

You Are the best investment you will ever make

Personal Empowerment, Embodiment and Evolution