Inner Work with Chakras

Hands uplifting to rainbow chakra lights, with swirling reiki energy for inner work, meme by Holistic Eleanor

Inner WOrk with Chakras

Have you ever practiced #InnerWork with your Chakra system?
This #ThinkingThursday, a wee journey through this rainbow light energy 🌈
When I was in college for massage about 20 years ago, I was ruled by my logical, analytical, skeptical mind…
I could not wrap my head around subtle energy, can you relate?
As a young adult though, when feeling challenged in the face of perceived confrontation, I felt a literal choking sensation in my throat area, with some strong emotions I could not express at the time 😭
With some support, I learned my throat chakra was blocked; it vibrates with a blue energy when healthy 💙
The term translates as ‘wheel’ from Sanskrit ☸
Now I don’t read sanskrit, and I am conscious about not culturally appropriating concepts I don’t understand.
However I’ve learned from the Western interpretation of the chakra system, and had many profound, intimate experiences in sensing and shifting the energy around them, in myself, and others in healing work 🙌
These vortices connect our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies 🧘‍♀️
There are many paths to connect with our chakra energy!
Reiki, yoga, and visualization meditation are my most common practices, though plant medicine, past-life regression and Akashic records work have also influenced how this energy flows 🌟
To complete the story, with that support I realized how I had been hung in a past life, and also was born cesarean in this life due to the umbilical cord around my neck. This was a powerful symbolism of how voiceless I have been through time 🙊
The insight has been revolutionary for shifting much fear, shame and anger, held in this one chakra at least 🔷
A series of experiences with subtle energies made me a believer in something that lies beyond our colonial cultural understanding, and I’m honoured to facilitate healing on a deeper core level 🌈
On a practical level, practice with public speaking through Toastmasters was pivotal for articulating my truth, building confidence, communication and leadership skills that I will ever be grateful for 🙏
Do you have experience with the chakra system? How has it influenced your life?
Your questions, feedback & shares are ever welcome!
My very best of love, peace & joy you you along your wellness journey 💖
Relax, Refresh, Reflect and Rejuvenate

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