Let’s Talk About Shame

The “isms” of the world can become internalized, and manifest as shame. Practice your inner work to heal your inner child, and own your inherent glow with self worth! Meme by Holistic Eleanor

Let's Talk About Shame

This Thinking Thursday, may my personal reflection share wisdom for you! Let’s talk about shame.
I’ve been on a path of identifying this emotion in my body over the past 2 years or so. It used to sit in my gut, a heavy sensation.
From the emotion (the flow in the body) to the feeling (how we think about the emotion), I feel a sensation of being bad and wrong. Unworthy in other words 😔
Now along the journey of Personal Development, I’ve learned that all of our emotions are present to protect us, in a manner of speaking.
“Bad” and “good” are labels, and relative. On an Emotional Intelligence Wheel, shame can be perceived as uncomfortable or negative, and can certainly feel bad in comparison.
The resulting behaviour can hold us back from living the life of our dreams!
Back to the emotion being protective, keeping us small and safe is preventive from an attack if we arise with our truth, from those unwilling to hear it.
Lately I’m sensing it in my shoulders, as tension, and it was only in a massage session that I could truly make space to listen to my body.
The shame was revealing a face of imposterhood, and I cried. My RMT is intuitive and shared that she felt it was put on me from outside 🙌
I understand our shoulders symbolically represent the ability to shoulder the weight of the world, pain indicating that we’re burdening more than we need to unduly; food for thought.
Indeed I’ve been exploring the concepts of divine masculine and feminine energy, identifying internalized misogyny.
We can all internalize “isms” placed on us, when repeated oppression from our environment sinks in, and we begin to own them.
Misogyny is a fear of the divine feminine, manifesting as sexism, hate and violence at one end of the spectrum, and more subtly shame on the other, from my perspective.
With conscious trauma healing, the shame is shifting thankfully!
This is why I’m so passionate about a combination of body work with inner work, because our trauma is more in our body tissues, our cells, than in our cognition.
Healing is a process, and I am grateful to share as I learn 🙏
How is this resonating today?
Your reactions, comments, questions & shares are always welcome 💖
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