Maybe She’s Born With It

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's: Meditation, Self discovery, Shadow work, Rituals, Reprogramming belief patterns, Healing ancestral trauma, Unpacking repressed emotions.

Surrender the Scarcity Mindset of Laziness and Busyness

Greetings to you this #ThinkingThursday, how are you today?

I’m feeling flowy, and am anchoring in faith as it’s been a fairly quiet work week!

The old me would have been stressed and anxious, striving and pushing for clients to book, getting upset when they didn’t 😖

Thank goodness I’ve learning how to shift this crappy vibe, and have unlearned so much through the process outlined in this meme ✨

The #InnerWork has been a vital journey, and I’m ever so grateful for being introduced to the healing path so early in my youth 🙏

I sense a lot of people are struggling, between family commitments, the economy, effects of climate change, their own health, career, and more 💝

#PersonalDevelopment while seeming selfish, can actually be an act of service when it shifts the way you show up in the world for those around you 🌎

The #InnerWork works, however you come to the path and practice deepening self awareness with radical responsibility!

How is this resonating today?

Your questions, feedback and shares are ever welcome 🌟

Wishing you much love & many blessings 💖
Relax, Refresh, Reflect and Rejuvenate

You Are the best investment you will ever make

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