Looking for a change in your life to unlock your true self? The Love Your Vibe Transformation is a unique personal development SOULution with a Miracle Mindset Mentor for healing, growth and greatness! Holistic Eleanor is a certified Miracle Mindset Mentor and will help guide you through private and/or group sessions.

Miracle Mindset Mentorship with
the love your vibe transformation

Eleanor Hayward- Miracle Mindset Mentor

The Love Your Vibe Transformation is a Six-Month Group Mentorship Program, based on the concepts within the self-directed VIP Mindset Reset Online Course, by the fabulous founder Elvira V. Hopper. Eleanor brings her flavour for your Empowerment, Embodiment and Evolution.

Join our space where everyone is Safe, Seen, Celebrated and Supported as we explore your adventure of self growth. Grow From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, In Beautiful Community.

Learn to “Implement, Integrate and Infuse” the effective power-tools of the Course, into your life. You will receive “home play” exercises along with supporting evidence of the practices. This is a simple and effective way of doing your Inner Work for Healing, Growth and Greatness, so you may live Aligned, Authentic and Fully Self-Expressed!

It can be difficult, lonely and scary embarking on the journey of personal development. We are fellow travellers. Allow us the privilege of accompanying you along your path! To be your light when you think you’ve lost your way, and a safe place to rest when needed among peers. We can’t promise you anything other than this, as it’s your journey! 


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"Eleanor is extremely gifted as a mentor. She is much better than she realizes. I admire her so much in so many ways and cannot say enough about her. It never ceases to amaze me what we get into when the group meets. That does not happen by accident. Said it before, will say it again—Eleanor is a phenomenal facilitator!"
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Scott M.
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