Multiple Emotions Can Exist At The Same Time

Things that exist at the same time, sadness and joy, grief and joy, hurt and love; meme by Holistic Eleanor

Multiple Emotions Can Exist At The Same Time

This #ThinkingThursday, I empathize with those suffering the loss of loved ones, opportunities, and world views that find themselves grieving 💔

A poem:

Grief, the weight is heavy
the mind is clouded;
Hard to breathe.

The love,
the loss;
The pain.

A world in duress,
missing what was;
Mourning what could have been.

Shock, denial,
anger, sadness;
Emotional overload.

Timely, untimely,
complicated, betrayal;
Natural, grieving.

Honour the process,
it is what it is;
Find solace.


Multiple emotions can exist in your body at the same time, and all are valid 💝

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