Old Me vs. New Me

Meme by Holistic Eleanor,Chakra Meditation in Nature

OlD me vs. New Me

Greetings beautiful souls, this #ThinkingThursday ☀️
After a fulfilling month of May, I had a quiet workweek coming up…
Old me would have slipped into fear, doubt & anxiety, scrambling to “get busy” 😱
New me, having been intimately practicing my #InnerWork with The Love Your Vibe Transformation, I was able to graciously accept my Mom’s invitation to her cottage 🙏
The space is quieter, greener & more serene than home, a huge blessing 🌊🌳😎
I was able to “make space” with self love, and instead embody gratitude, trust, patience & joy more deeply, while acknowledging my privilege 🦋
As a recovering over-thinker, I’m finally learning to catch on to this trauma-based reaction, and get in touch with my felt-sense on a physical level 🧠
Safety is a fascinating dynamic, and I’ve been consciously cultivating trust in my body with the guidance of my stimulated chakra system, as featured in the meme 🌈
The re-discovery of the sensual, powerful divine feminine within is exciting, and I hope this message is as empowering for you as it is for me to share 💖
How is this resonating today?
Many blessings for your inner journey ☮️
Relax, Refresh, Reflect and Rejuvenate

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