Outside Your Comfort Zone is Where the Magic Happens

Outside Your Comfort Zone is Where the Magic Happens

outside our comfort zone is where the magic happens


Have you been aware of feeling discomfort when trying new ways of being?
This #ThinkingThursday I want to share a personal story of transformation 💫
Fear is one way our ego tries to protect us, keeping us small and safe to avoid ridicule. We even have a negativity bias that disturbingly has us recall one piece of harsh criticism more easily than a ton of positive feedback 😣
Yet there’s a paradox in that learning is a form of evolution in order to grow, and fulfill our Purpose on Earth 🦋
This example became crystal clear to me when I embarked on a #PersonalDevelopment journey with Toastmasters International, intending to become a better communicator and public speaker 🗣
I used to RUSH and BLUSH with speaking in front of a room of people, not the most effective technique. I would get the stress sweats!! SUPER uncomfortable, to say the least 😨
Then, with learning the theory, and practicing the program, I surprised myself by slowly embodying some skills 🤗
What I was not expecting to develop was CONFIDENCE!! To me, this consequential outcome was simply MAGIC, a blessing in ALL areas of my life 🦄
It really was an exercise in neuroplasticity where I seized the opportunity to unlearn an old way of being, and relearn a NEW way of being 🧠
It even served as part of my foundation for the courage I needed to REALLY step outside my comfort zone into running for public office, plus stepping into my #Authentic, #Aligned & #FullySelfExpressed new business, but those are stories for another day 💗
Can you relate to my experience? Is there something you want to learn, yet fear is holding you back in your comfort zone?
Your feedback & questions are always welcome 🙏


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