Real Not Perfect

Powerful Leaders are Real not Perfect

Real Not Perfect

#ThinkingThursday blessings all!
Around here at The Love Your Vibe Transformation, we’re about being real, not perfect πŸ’ž
This world can feel really dense to me. How about you?
Mixed messages from our culture can throw my head into a tail spin sometimes.
Be independent, yet we’re clearly interdependent.
Be thin, yet my figure is naturally curvy.
Be rich, yet money has never motivated me.
Be strong, yet force has never felt good in my soul.
These paradoxes can easily cause dissonance in my physical body 😜
My head says one thing (because of society and β€œreality”), yet my heart, gut & spirit tell me something else.
Feeling safe in my body as a woman has been a journey of epic proportions, and I’m still learning πŸ¦‹
Shame is a twisted emotion, based in the belief that I am bad & wrong, that I’ve had the privilege of recognizing and integrating πŸ˜”
I fully acknowledge the intersectional identities that many have to endure, and hopefully unpack, in addition to being female in this society πŸ™
Personal development has been key to believing in my divine self, as an empowering foundation to unpack the biases and double-binds that hold me back from being my best self πŸ’–
This inner work has led to an evolution of healing, and I’m very grateful for this life experience 🌟
How does this resonate with your personal journey?

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