Reconciling Humanity, on Skyward TV and Hopeful Radio. The spiritual & Mind Health perspective on Truth & Reconciliation for all. With Host Eleanor Hayward, Co-Host Jody Harbour and Guest Asha Frost.

Reconciling Humanity: The Medicine Within with Asha Frost, Episode 4

Welcome to Reconciling Humanity! Your hosts are Eleanor Hayward, Holistic Facilitator and Jody Harbour, co-founder of Grandmother’s Voice!

They are passionate about creating time and space for healing connections in community. It is their purpose to bring together people in relationship for wellness and reconciliation.

How can we reconnect to our Souls, our village, and our environment across Canada and beyond?

In this fourth episode they are joined by Asha Frost, a best-selling author of You Are The Medicine, an Indigenous healer, oracle deck creator, mentor and mama. 

Asha’s life work is to help you to connect to the medicine that has always been within you.

She kindly guides us through a somatic guided meditation, and shares an oracle reading for your insight and inspiration!

Watch and listen for a touching conversation on re-Indiginization, creating space, healthy entitlement, self-worth, humility and dreams coming true!!

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00:00:00,000 –> 00:00:15,800

Welcome, everybody. This is Eleanor Hayward and Jody Harbour and our very special guest



00:00:15,800 –> 00:00:21,720

today, Asha Frost. You are likely watching this on Skyward TV and Hopeful Radio, and



00:00:21,720 –> 00:00:28,160

we are so grateful for this platform, these platforms that give us a space to discuss



00:00:28,160 –> 00:00:37,680

the spiritual path to mental wellness. I would like to start us off with a land acknowledgement.



00:00:37,680 –> 00:00:42,200

As a settler descendant, I here acknowledge the past and current stewards of this land,



00:00:42,200 –> 00:00:49,040

the Haudenosaunee, Wendat-Huron and the Attawandaron peoples. We have a responsibility to honour



00:00:49,040 –> 00:00:53,760

and respect the four directions, the land, waters, plants, animals and ancestors that



00:00:53,760 –> 00:01:00,200

walked before us. This territory of Burlington, where I am, is between Niagara Falls and



00:01:00,200 –> 00:01:05,400

Toronto for anybody outside the area, is subject to the Dish with One Spoon Wampum Belt covenant,



00:01:05,400 –> 00:01:11,040

which is an agreement between the Haudenosaunee Six Nations Confederacy, the Anishinaabe Ojibwe,



00:01:11,040 –> 00:01:15,560

and allied nations to peaceably share and care for the lands and the relationships around



00:01:15,560 –> 00:01:20,160

the Great Lakes. We acknowledge and thank the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation



00:01:20,160 –> 00:01:27,520

for sharing their traditional territory with us. I personally am very grateful to the Waxing



00:01:27,520 –> 00:01:33,000

Moon. It was so lovely out the other night, a bountiful harvest season and the autumn



00:01:33,000 –> 00:01:37,640




00:01:37,640 –> 00:01:43,800

Welcoming Asha Frost, she is an Ojibwe woman from Newmarket, which is north of Toronto,



00:01:43,800 –> 00:01:49,440

the Healing Rainbow Woman, which is just, I love that name. That’s beautiful. She Who



00:01:49,440 –> 00:01:56,400

Walks the Path With the Thunderbirds. So I will pass it to Jody, who is the co-founder



00:01:56,400 –> 00:02:02,720

of Grandmother’s Voice, an Indigenous organization in Halton Region; Jody.



00:02:02,720 –> 00:02:11,840

Niawa. We started in Halton Region and we are just making our way through many territories



00:02:11,840 –> 00:02:19,120

that are really connecting with the people who want to do this work, who love to share



00:02:19,120 –> 00:02:27,200

their love. I’m so grateful to be in this space. First, I’m going to acknowledge Asha



00:02:27,200 –> 00:02:32,600

that I’m here with you before I even acknowledge myself. I’m so excited. But just, Skano Jody



00:02:32,600 –> 00:02:38,960

Ngaso. My name is Jody Harbour. I identify as an urban Indigenous woman. My great grandmother



00:02:38,960 –> 00:02:44,640

was of the Cayuga Nation, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. I feel her. I feel



00:02:44,640 –> 00:02:54,160

her with me and have for a long time. Through this way of being, I get to feel that. I get



00:02:54,160 –> 00:02:59,200

to know that. In this time, we get to actually acknowledge it, talk about it, share it. It’s



00:02:59,200 –> 00:03:09,880

an honour. I’m a mom of two beautiful children, auntie, wife, just loving sister to the women



00:03:09,880 –> 00:03:15,560

in my life. I’m grateful to be able to be here and share my voice. I do feel like it’s



00:03:15,560 –> 00:03:20,960

on behalf of my ancestors that never had that opportunity to be able to share and talk like



00:03:20,960 –> 00:03:28,520

this. I’m, yes, a part of Grandmother’s Voice, which is I’m one of many people who have,



00:03:28,520 –> 00:03:36,040

I’m finding the same vision. We’re coming together and knowing that we have women out



00:03:36,040 –> 00:03:42,920

there who are leading like Asha, it is a true honour. In the back room, we are saying how



00:03:42,920 –> 00:03:48,840

excited our sisters are, and our community is, to know that we’re actually having this



00:03:48,840 –> 00:03:54,640

space and time with you. It’s an honour to meet you today and to be able to share this



00:03:54,640 –> 00:03:58,160

conversation later is really exciting for us.



00:03:58,160 –> 00:04:04,520

So, Niawa for being here, Asha. Please tell us who you are. Tell everyone who’s going



00:04:04,520 –> 00:04:07,880

to be visiting with us at some point in time in the future who you are.



00:04:07,880 –> 00:04:14,680

Oh, Chi miigwech. It’s an honour to be here and your opening words brought tears to my



00:04:14,680 –> 00:04:20,840

eyes because I feel sometimes the path feels lonely and we can forget that there are sisters



00:04:20,840 –> 00:04:24,880

that are holding our hands and doing this together. So, I just feel very welcomed in



00:04:24,880 –> 00:04:28,360

a space of belonging, in your space. So, miigwech.



00:04:28,360 –> 00:04:36,360

My spirit name is Healing Rainbow Woman and it’s also



00:04:36,360 –> 00:04:43,160

She who walks the path of the Thunderbirds. I am from the traditional territories of



00:04:43,160 –> 00:04:49,360

So, Cape Croaker First Nation on my mother’s side and Serpent River on my father’s side



00:04:49,360 –> 00:04:55,160

and I have membership at Cape Croaker and I am from the Crane Clan. I am a mama of two



00:04:55,160 –> 00:05:02,840

boys and you know just very much like Jody, an auntie and a friend and a sister and those



00:05:02,840 –> 00:05:07,520

parts of my life I think are so treasured, a treasured part of my life as well as a healer



00:05:07,520 –> 00:05:14,280

and an author and a speaker and it’s beautiful to be in community here with all of you. So,



00:05:14,280 –> 00:05:16,880

thank you for having me. There’s my book.



00:05:16,880 –> 00:05:22,280

Oh, yeah. We have so much. I’m like I was sitting here saying I have your book. I had



00:05:22,280 –> 00:05:29,040

my audible. I you actually did your audible, right? This is your voice. I, when you started



00:05:29,040 –> 00:05:34,480

to speak in this book, I was like on my audible I was like, I love her.



00:05:34,480 –> 00:05:35,480




00:05:35,480 –> 00:05:42,000

Like we were I felt so connected and the more I heard you speak, I was like, um, yes, connected.



00:05:42,000 –> 00:05:46,520

I tell everyone we share your book in our sister circle. We share your book all the



00:05:46,520 –> 00:05:53,160

time. We bring it in our conversations and you know, I just your voice was beautiful



00:05:53,160 –> 00:05:58,720

and the work that you do is awesome. So, let’s talk about that and how you really, I think



00:05:58,720 –> 00:06:05,160

you really resonated, shook up, moved, however you want to, you know, start it. You did something



00:06:05,160 –> 00:06:10,960

really brave and courageous and I’m grateful, you know, and I actually look back at your



00:06:10,960 –> 00:06:16,400

letter quite often. I’m kind of getting well like I’m crying right now because of how grateful



00:06:16,400 –> 00:06:24,360

I was to read that, um, this letter, you know, to the white woman who, uh, who wants to be



00:06:24,360 –> 00:06:30,600

like me and a part of my journey is that I’m not indigenous enough, but I look at my family



00:06:30,600 –> 00:06:35,000

and I’m like, Hey, how come I didn’t get everything that they got? Uh, but that’s also a challenge



00:06:35,000 –> 00:06:39,080

for women like me who are indigenous, who are having space and place. I get the, you



00:06:39,080 –> 00:06:44,020

know, um, this, the look up and down. What who’s like, how indigenous are you? What percentage



00:06:44,020 –> 00:06:49,640

are you? But I’d love to, before we really get into all of the other, um, beautiful work



00:06:49,640 –> 00:06:54,880

we do, let’s talk about this, this difficult conversation and how and why, and how did,



00:06:54,880 –> 00:06:59,840

where did that come up? I know because I listened to your book and read it.



00:06:59,840 –> 00:07:05,120

Well, first I want to acknowledge and validate that I think I can say all of us feel non-indigenous enough



00:07:05,120 –> 00:07:10,160

because the, the colonial trauma that we’ve experienced. So I think that no matter how



00:07:10,160 –> 00:07:15,360

indigenous we are, I think that we all have that similar wound and sometimes it plays



00:07:15,360 –> 00:07:19,520

out. We play that out with one another. And I think that I want to just bring compassion



00:07:19,520 –> 00:07:24,920

into that space for all, all people, because I think that identity, um, we’re constantly



00:07:24,920 –> 00:07:29,840

negotiating it, reclaiming it, um, healing with it. So I want to acknowledge, thank you



00:07:29,840 –> 00:07:34,320

so much for that vulnerable share because I feel that too, right? I feel that too. So



00:07:34,320 –> 00:07:41,640

this letter came about over years and years of me struggling. And at the time I was doing



00:07:41,640 –> 00:07:46,240

a lot of in-person work, a lot of community work and circle work, um, private practice



00:07:46,240 –> 00:07:51,080

work and social media wasn’t really on the scene at the time as much as it is, as it



00:07:51,080 –> 00:07:55,320

is now, but there would be people that I would see that would be taking our teachings and



00:07:55,320 –> 00:08:00,280

they were non-indigenous. And for some reason they’d feel entitled to use them as their



00:08:00,280 –> 00:08:05,480

own. And I was in a space at the time where I didn’t feel like I could share any of my



00:08:05,480 –> 00:08:11,120

teachings because I just felt I had all that trauma of them being taken and stripped away



00:08:11,120 –> 00:08:15,600

and who was I to share these, and who was I to even practice them. There was that barrier



00:08:15,600 –> 00:08:21,560

of trauma in between me and the medicine. So I was struggling with that. And I think that’s



00:08:21,560 –> 00:08:28,240

really what started to spark within me. I was feeling anger, rage, sadness, grief, all



00:08:28,240 –> 00:08:32,280

of these emotions arise every time I would see these people teach our teachings. And



00:08:32,280 –> 00:08:38,880

I would think to myself, how is this fair? But I sat with it for a good five or six years



00:08:38,880 –> 00:08:43,320

because I tend to be a person who likes to think about things. I’m not very reactive



00:08:43,320 –> 00:08:47,640

and I want to sort of look at my own part in it and heal through it. But one day I couldn’t



00:08:47,640 –> 00:08:51,800

do that anymore. And I thought something really is happening and social media was just starting



00:08:51,800 –> 00:08:57,480

to come alive and people were starting to share our teachings online. So you’d see a



00:08:57,480 –> 00:09:01,920

lot of people use them in marketing ways. So they’d have like a sage stick just like



00:09:01,920 –> 00:09:06,720

flying around the air. And it was, it was not used in a very reverent or sacred way.



00:09:06,720 –> 00:09:11,440

That’s a judgment perhaps, but I could feel that in my body. So I kept feeling the shaking



00:09:11,440 –> 00:09:16,000

and shaking every time I feel it. There would be other folks using it. I wouldn’t feel that



00:09:16,000 –> 00:09:21,560

with. So it was just a very particular energy that felt like that co-opting or taking or



00:09:21,560 –> 00:09:28,240

extractive that I could still feel in my body today. It’s still a very visceral feeling.



00:09:28,240 –> 00:09:32,640

And my friend that I would talk to you about it all the time, she’s, she’s white and she’s



00:09:32,640 –> 00:09:36,040

saying, I think you need to say something. I think you need to write a letter. So she



00:09:36,040 –> 00:09:42,240

actually sparked the idea. And I had a blog at the time. Nobody read my blog. I mean,



00:09:42,240 –> 00:09:46,520

some people read it. My clients did, but nobody else really read it. And I wrote this letter,



00:09:46,520 –> 00:09:50,640

Dear White Woman Who Wants To Be Like Me, because over the years, even since I was,



00:09:50,640 –> 00:09:55,720

I was younger, a teenager, people would say, Oh my goodness, you’re so lucky to be indigenous.



00:09:55,720 –> 00:10:00,280

Oh my gosh. I love your earrings. Or, Oh, I love this. And I, I was an indigenous person



00:10:00,280 –> 00:10:03,760

in the past life, or I wish I had a status card, or how do I get a status card? All these



00:10:03,760 –> 00:10:09,880

things that we hear from, from non-indigenous people all the time. And I just felt like



00:10:09,880 –> 00:10:15,900

this feeling of, I, I don’t even feel worthy enough to take up space as an indigenous woman



00:10:15,900 –> 00:10:24,480

on my own land. I need to speak about this. So I did. And I wrote this letter and I was



00:10:24,480 –> 00:10:32,160

terrified to share it, because again, I wanted to, I wanted to come from a heart place, a



00:10:32,160 –> 00:10:36,500

heart-centered place, because that tends to be my way. And I knew there was fierce words



00:10:36,500 –> 00:10:40,440

in it and I knew that it would invoke something, but I didn’t think so many people would read



00:10:40,440 –> 00:10:46,480

  1. So I put it out there on my Instagram and on my blog. And it went viral, and it went


00:10:46,480 –> 00:10:53,360

viral pretty fast. And I wasn’t ready for the, I’m going to say backlash or reaction



00:10:53,360 –> 00:10:59,080

or interaction. At the time I didn’t have a really big platform. So I wasn’t ready for



00:10:59,080 –> 00:11:05,000

all the people to respond to it. And some people responded with gratitude. Other people



00:11:05,000 –> 00:11:12,280

Responded they were very angry, and my inboxes were flooded with, and what it really did



00:11:12,280 –> 00:11:16,960

was invited people and people just felt the invitation to tell me their stories. And you



00:11:16,960 –> 00:11:22,160

have to imagine I, I am a space holder. I’d been a healer for 15 years. I’m used to listening



00:11:22,160 –> 00:11:27,880

to people, but you have to imagine all of this unsolicited emails and messages of people



00:11:27,880 –> 00:11:31,920

just wanting to tell their stories, which also shows we don’t have enough spaces for



00:11:31,920 –> 00:11:36,600

storytelling and story listening, right? But I was so overwhelmed. I couldn’t listen to



00:11:36,600 –> 00:11:41,520

these pages. People would write the essays of their stories and, and why in past lives



00:11:41,520 –> 00:11:46,000

are indigenous. So they weren’t taking and trying to prove themselves to me. And ultimately



00:11:46,000 –> 00:11:51,440

trying to get me to say, I wasn’t talking about you or to validate them. And I didn’t



00:11:51,440 –> 00:11:56,240

have the capacity for this. I had two young, young children. My, I had a baby at the time.



00:11:56,240 –> 00:12:02,280

I couldn’t, I couldn’t give them what they needed. So it was kind of a hard experience



00:12:02,280 –> 00:12:07,120

to have something go viral and me not be ready for what was going to happen after.



00:12:07,120 –> 00:12:13,160

And, but then also, it also opened up my, my platform and for me to be seen as an indigenous



00:12:13,160 –> 00:12:20,080

woman. So it was also very beautiful. It was all beautiful. We don’t ever know how people



00:12:20,080 –> 00:12:26,800

will react, especially in reconciliation, Truth and Reconciliation. We have no idea,



00:12:26,800 –> 00:12:32,600

you know, every space is different. So Eleanor, what do you think? See, first you’re amazing.



00:12:32,600 –> 00:12:37,120

Amazing. You’re both so amazing. And this is great. I would have read the letter. I



00:12:37,120 –> 00:12:42,120

will certainly look for that, but I know that that’s what you entered into a contest. If



00:12:42,120 –> 00:12:45,200

that’s the right word with Hay House, which is a publishing company that I’m familiar



00:12:45,200 –> 00:12:50,640

With. Louise Hay is and her, her, How to Heal Your Life book was transformative for my life.



00:12:50,640 –> 00:13:00,440

And I share it with my clients all the time. I’m also a healer and one particular part



00:13:00,440 –> 00:13:05,640

of your book jumped out because you won the contest and she got this book deal with Hay



00:13:05,640 –> 00:13:11,440

House, which is amazing. The first indigenous woman. So you are the medicine, which is very



00:13:11,440 –> 00:13:17,600

similar to, um, another guest we’ve had Dennis Wendigo. And he says, you are land, you are



00:13:17,600 –> 00:13:23,240

medicine. And it’s like, ah, yes, this is beautiful. And Grandmother’s Voice has that



00:13:23,240 –> 00:13:28,560

on a, on a sweater that I got as well. So this passage from the Sugar Moon, Four



00:13:28,560 –> 00:13:33,040

Ways to Love Yourself Unconditionally. And number one is: unweave yourself from the story



00:13:33,040 –> 00:13:39,280

of conditional worth. And this has been huge inner work for me personally, both white supremacy



00:13:39,280 –> 00:13:44,000

and patriarchal conditioning have falsely told us that we are only worthy when producing,



00:13:44,000 –> 00:13:48,800

accomplishing new heights or gaining status somehow. Dr. Valerie Rein coined the term



00:13:48,800 –> 00:13:55,120

PSD and wrote the book Patriarchy Stress Disorder to describe the ancestral and collective trauma



00:13:55,120 –> 00:14:00,460

that affects those who identify as women. She believes that this prevents us from stepping



00:14:00,460 –> 00:14:05,580

into our joyful success and fulfillment. And if this isn’t the spiritual path to mental



00:14:05,580 –> 00:14:13,560

health, I’m not sure what is. So one of the themes of this show along with Truth and Reconciliation



00:14:13,560 –> 00:14:22,280

in Canada here is, is decolonization because as much as I, I honor decolonization as a,



00:14:22,280 –> 00:14:29,800

an institutional policy practice, I believe it is also a spiritual mindset. It’s also



00:14:29,800 –> 00:14:34,400

a heart set. It’s, it’s in our bodies, this process of colonization. And you use the word



00:14:34,400 –> 00:14:41,280

extraction, Asha, it’s a, it’s a process of extraction and exploitation. And as a settler,



00:14:41,280 –> 00:14:46,200

I, I think on one branch of my family, I’m eighth generation Canadian from the United



00:14:46,200 –> 00:14:53,600

Kingdom and I feel a responsibility to, to shift this narrative and how can we find a



00:14:53,600 –> 00:14:59,880

path to peace? And I know that that begins within. And so please tell us in your perspective,



00:14:59,880 –> 00:15:04,680

Asha, about, about white supremacy and the patriarchy stress disorder. How does this



00:15:04,680 –> 00:15:08,440

fit into decolonization for you, please?



00:15:08,440 –> 00:15:16,080

Oh, I like to, I really love the word re-indigenization. I think, I think colonization, decolonizing



00:15:16,080 –> 00:15:21,200

is really important. And I really love, how are we going to have a vision for the future?



00:15:21,200 –> 00:15:26,220

Because we can spend our entire lives unwinding, unweaving, doing the work, which I think is



00:15:26,220 –> 00:15:30,760

so important. And then what are we going to replace it with? What is the vision that we



00:15:30,760 –> 00:15:36,360

carry? How do we make more space and room for that? Because I think that that equal,



00:15:36,360 –> 00:15:40,600

is like an equal part that we need to hold space for. So I am here for the decolonizing,



00:15:40,600 –> 00:15:45,160

but I’m even more here for the re-indigenizing and also even just taking up space. Like I



00:15:45,160 –> 00:15:50,680

think space and land that has been stripped from us, feeling worthy of even taking up



00:15:50,680 –> 00:15:55,800

space for me, it was for Hay House. It’s like on the stage, taking up space on the stage



00:15:55,800 –> 00:16:00,440

when nobody else who looked like me never has done that. So right now, sometimes I will



00:16:00,440 –> 00:16:04,760

be honest, it feels like tiptoes, like my toes are there, but how can I breathe into



00:16:04,760 –> 00:16:10,720

actually stretch that capacity out when sometimes those systems won’t even make a room or space



00:16:10,720 –> 00:16:16,720

for me. And that is a very real lived experience that happens in these systems of white supremacy



00:16:16,720 –> 00:16:23,160

and patriarchal and capitalism and colonialism, is the experience they are so used to extracting



00:16:23,160 –> 00:16:28,240

and taking and colonizing and you know that it’s like, what do you mean make space? We’ve



00:16:28,240 –> 00:16:34,640

never done this before. So it’s a lot of me stepping into a space and inviting other indigenous



00:16:34,640 –> 00:16:39,360

folks to step into these spaces or folks of color. Because I think that I tend to work



00:16:39,360 –> 00:16:44,440

with, you know, different intersections and saying like, actually, you are worthy of this,



00:16:44,440 –> 00:16:49,080

you are worthy of taking up the space, you’re worthy of even though the systems are telling



00:16:49,080 –> 00:16:56,240

you that you’re not. So for me, space is a huge, important part of this. Also, I want



00:16:56,240 –> 00:17:01,520

to use entitlement as a word because I think that we can think that’s like a bad word that



00:17:01,520 –> 00:17:07,800

people feel entitled. But how do we practice healthy entitlement, feeling actually worthy



00:17:07,800 –> 00:17:14,520

of okay, my voice is needed here. And it’s been a huge practice for me in a very white



00:17:14,520 –> 00:17:20,760

publishing world that is steeped in capitalism, colonialism, white supremacy. I have to practice



00:17:20,760 –> 00:17:26,760

that it feels like every moment of every day of saying, Oh, I’m worthy of this space and



00:17:26,760 –> 00:17:32,640

also navigating tokenism, navigating like being one of the “onlys” navigating the only



00:17:32,640 –> 00:17:37,760

trailblazer and being the person that’s sort of doing it when there’s not a lot of people



00:17:37,760 –> 00:17:42,120

to show me the way and I have to trust there are others just holding my hands and coming



00:17:42,120 –> 00:17:48,720

along with me. So those are the ways that it’s reflected in my own experience. And I



00:17:48,720 –> 00:17:58,800

see how these systems will continue to perpetuate this harm. So we have to intentionally, intentionally



00:17:58,800 –> 00:18:04,080

just negotiate that within our own energy spaces to say, I’m standing for this instead.



00:18:04,080 –> 00:18:07,800

And that’s what I hope my work does. And I hope it ripples out for other people to see



00:18:07,800 –> 00:18:14,520

like you are worthy of this indigenous youth, you are worthy of having space made for you.



00:18:14,520 –> 00:18:19,800

And how can I be that person that is leaving that legacy for the generations behind me?



00:18:19,800 –> 00:18:26,880

So that’s how it shows up for me. I love that. You say you say you speak, you speak my language.



00:18:26,880 –> 00:18:34,600

I’m not gonna lie. I just I love I love, love. And I think that as an entrepreneur, I’ve



00:18:34,600 –> 00:18:40,360

been an entrepreneur for very young young age. And the work that that Grandmother’s



00:18:40,360 –> 00:18:48,560

Voice myself does in my own area is, is really trying to create those spaces for the



00:18:48,560 –> 00:18:52,200

two worlds, we’ll say to come together. And you said so much that I want to talk about.



00:18:52,200 –> 00:18:57,640

So I’m going to try to keep my mind on track. The word that came to mind when you’re speaking



00:18:57,640 –> 00:19:03,240

of entitlement to me was something that grandmother Renee Thomas Hill speaks about when she’s



00:19:03,240 –> 00:19:08,560

in which she says peace, power and righteousness. And we get a lot of, you know, a lot of people



00:19:08,560 –> 00:19:13,000

say, what do you mean righteousness? That’s you know, can that be ego and no, you know,



00:19:13,000 –> 00:19:20,600

it was not ego before capitalism, colonization, it was not it was knowing your place and in



00:19:20,600 –> 00:19:27,820

the power that you have inside. So, you know, we have that conversation a lot. And it is



00:19:27,820 –> 00:19:35,560

a challenge in those spaces and places. And that’s what I found just so graceful about



00:19:35,560 –> 00:19:41,240

your, you know, essence and what you deliver in your book and in your in everything that



00:19:41,240 –> 00:19:46,640

you do and what you stand for is that space and place and you know, it’s not even about



00:19:46,640 –> 00:19:54,160

being safe. Like, let’s just leave that out and just and just show up wholy and open. And



00:19:54,160 –> 00:19:59,900

how can we really move forward together on this path, you know, from truth to reconciliation



00:19:59,900 –> 00:20:12,480

to relationship, or be relationship. And so, you inspire me to stand in my power and



00:20:12,480 –> 00:20:18,800

encourage me to continue on my path. And over the last couple of days, so we I do quite



00:20:18,800 –> 00:20:23,040

a bit of work in the corporate world. And that’s when you were like tiptoeing,



00:20:23,040 –> 00:20:27,280

I was like, Oh, that is me. Because you know, you get in this space. And I’ve always sat



00:20:27,280 –> 00:20:31,440

at these boardroom tables. I’ve been, you know, the only woman at some of these boardroom



00:20:31,440 –> 00:20:38,440

tables. And, and now I show up and I say, you know, like 25 years ago, I couldn’t



00:20:38,440 –> 00:20:42,960

bring spirit into that table. I used to get kicked by my husband under the table. Don’t



00:20:42,960 –> 00:20:51,120

talk like that, you know, or they don’t understand. And now I show up with my Two Row Wampum.



00:20:51,120 –> 00:20:56,000

And that’s how I start the conversation. And then our contract is about let’s, let’s write



00:20:56,000 –> 00:21:01,160

a letter of relationship and talk about this. And then if we’re really want, you know, it’s



00:21:01,160 –> 00:21:07,680

not just a transaction any longer. And so it’s a really deep, so I just want to acknowledge



00:21:07,680 –> 00:21:15,360

that I drop your book everywhere. When I’m finished my meetings, I say, you know, especially



00:21:15,360 –> 00:21:19,360

to those who are really in their mind, and want to do the work, but they just don’t know



00:21:19,360 –> 00:21:26,120

how to go lower. They don’t, they just don’t. And so I just want to acknowledge you right



00:21:26,120 –> 00:21:32,800

Now, and thank you so much for providing me some language and some tools to show up in



00:21:32,800 –> 00:21:39,920

those spaces to be grace for those wanting to learn more because I like I’m really controlled



00:21:39,920 –> 00:21:45,120

right now, Asha, when you get to know me more, I’m all about ‘let’s do it’. Let’s jump in.



00:21:45,120 –> 00:21:51,160

Come on, let’s all be vulnerable. So I just want to acknowledge that and there’s so much



00:21:51,160 –> 00:21:57,680

in your book. I just want to acknowledge as well how you opened your book in this beautiful



00:21:57,680 –> 00:22:06,240

ceremony and how you create that space for people. And if there’s if there’s anything



00:22:06,240 –> 00:22:11,880

that we can leave this circle with right now, to give you that opportunity is to give you



00:22:11,880 –> 00:22:18,720

that opportunity to share your message with the people that will see this. Besides listening



00:22:18,720 –> 00:22:24,200

or buying the book or the cards, which I hope we get, we’re going to ask you to pull one



00:22:24,200 –> 00:22:29,400

of your cards before we move on, or before we leave the space together. But if you could



00:22:29,400 –> 00:22:36,480

share a message of inspiration to the people that will watch this video? What would that be?



00:22:36,480 –> 00:22:39,920

When you were talking, I mean, it always comes to me as a vision. So as you’re talking, what



00:22:39,920 –> 00:22:44,560

I felt was your first of all, your open heart, your open heartedness in the way that your



00:22:44,560 –> 00:22:51,120

medicine shows up in the world and how courageous and brave it is to live with an open heart.



00:22:51,120 –> 00:22:57,240

Because an open heart, there’s really I mean, we guard ourselves so much, right?



00:22:57,240 –> 00:23:00,620

We’ve guard ourselves with scrunch ourselves up and an open heart is vulnerable to these



00:23:00,620 –> 00:23:06,260

things coming in. But also think about the beauty that can ripple out from an open heart.



00:23:06,260 –> 00:23:12,520

So let’s just actually somatically practice this. Let’s take a breath and feel into, can



00:23:12,520 –> 00:23:19,080

I open my capacity, to open my heart up a little bit more today in my relationships, in my



00:23:19,080 –> 00:23:24,640

interactions, in my communications, knowing that my ancestors in the spirit worlds are



00:23:24,640 –> 00:23:29,400

protecting me, knowing that I have animal allies and beings, the plants and the trees



00:23:29,400 –> 00:23:35,080

and the waters, they protect my heart. They are here. They’re holding me. Can I open my



00:23:35,080 –> 00:23:40,640

heart a little bit and come from the heart and the spirit? You’re so colonized to always



00:23:40,640 –> 00:23:47,040

come from our minds. And as you said, let’s drop in and drop into that truth that we are



00:23:47,040 –> 00:23:56,560

land and we are medicine. And maybe perhaps feel what does the spirit of my heart feel



00:23:56,560 –> 00:24:05,560

like look like sound like in the world? If I was to meet another, how could I relate



00:24:05,560 –> 00:24:12,520

to their spirit of their heart? Just imagine all of us doing that together. How would that



00:24:12,520 –> 00:24:20,860

look? How would that feel? We can open our eyes. I think that in all of the spaces and



00:24:20,860 –> 00:24:27,120

places that I speak in, that I lecture in, that I talk to, I do a diverse, you know,



00:24:27,120 –> 00:24:32,000

spaces or sometimes there’s corporate, sometimes there’s healing spaces. But what I noticed



00:24:32,000 –> 00:24:37,600

the most is we want to always jump into that very colonial white supremacy way of being,



00:24:37,600 –> 00:24:41,480

which is just like, mind, mind, mind, take notes, PowerPoints. Like, how can we like



00:24:41,480 –> 00:24:45,480

get out of it? It’s like, and I say, you know, they’re like, well, even schools will say,



00:24:45,480 –> 00:24:49,240

well, do we want to take notes? I said, these are kindergarten and grade one to three children.



00:24:49,240 –> 00:24:54,200

They don’t need to be taking notes. How can we like relate to each other and feel the



00:24:54,200 –> 00:24:58,280

energy and the medicine and our bodies and our hearts and our spirits? That’s what I’m



00:24:58,280 –> 00:25:02,880

making room for is getting out of our, not that our minds aren’t important, but we’ve



00:25:02,880 –> 00:25:08,040

done that for years now. Can we just lay that down for a little bit? Because all the, all



00:25:08,040 –> 00:25:13,040

the information coming at us constantly, 24/7, we do not have the capacity to absorb



00:25:13,040 –> 00:25:17,560

it, to integrate it and to live it out. We just don’t because we’re practicing, we’re



00:25:17,560 –> 00:25:22,000

not practicing mind and spirit and heart work or spirit and heartwork for all up here. So



00:25:22,000 –> 00:25:25,960

let’s get into the heart. Let’s relate to each other from the heart. And that’s what



00:25:25,960 –> 00:25:30,200

you do, Jody. That’s what I feel so powerfully from your medicine, so miigwetch. Niawah, wow.



00:25:30,200 –> 00:25:37,720

Thank you. Thank you. Okay. Can we just make this like two hours long? We could keep going



00:25:37,720 –> 00:25:44,240

and keep going. Do you have anything Eleanor before we ask Asha to pull a card?



00:25:44,240 –> 00:25:50,080

Yeah. And I think this, this fits in another passage from the book that really resonated



00:25:50,080 –> 00:25:55,760

with me. If we all lived in a reciprocal way, the flow of abundance would begin to cut through



00:25:55,760 –> 00:26:02,160

the systems and structures that keep us down. Gratitude is the gateway for abundance. Practice



00:26:02,160 –> 00:26:08,040

mindfulness, share, give back and walk with grace. If we all walked in this indigenous



00:26:08,040 –> 00:26:16,480

way, our earth would heal. That is medicine right there, in a paragraph. Thank you Asha



00:26:16,480 –> 00:26:23,400

for sharing your medicine with us. I would love to hear a card.



00:26:23,400 –> 00:26:28,000

I’m going to do a reading for everyone here. We’re going to do a three-card reading. So



00:26:28,000 –> 00:26:33,360

this is from my Sacred Medicine Oracle Deck. And this is a dream. I had a dream of having



00:26:33,360 –> 00:26:38,280

a deck since I was 20. And it was actually with Hay House. So I also want to leave behind.



00:26:38,280 –> 00:26:44,280

Now I’m 46. So the dream took 26 years to come true! So please hold your dream in your



00:26:44,280 –> 00:26:51,440

heart because one day it may come true! Okay, so we’re going to do a three-card reading,



00:26:51,440 –> 00:26:56,240

one for the past and everything that you’re just moving through currently, you know, like



00:26:56,240 –> 00:27:01,720

the stuff that you’ve just woven through, one for the present energies, and then one for



00:27:01,720 –> 00:27:09,280

the future. Okay, so let’s see what do we get? Oh, so the past is the Medicine Bag card,



00:27:09,280 –> 00:27:15,440

the gather card. So this speaks to different aspects of wisdom, different aspects of your



00:27:15,440 –> 00:27:21,600

medicine, different aspects of healing that you’ve been going through, and all the reclamation



00:27:21,600 –> 00:27:25,880

that’s been coming that you can now sit and hold in your medicine bag as knowing to teach



00:27:25,880 –> 00:27:31,000

with the world. So this is actually an initiation to say, you’ve learned those lessons, you’ve



00:27:31,000 –> 00:27:36,520

gone through those hard times and those challenges. Now what can you reclaim from that and bring



00:27:36,520 –> 00:27:40,600

into wisdom so that you can share that with humanity, which is needed so much at this



00:27:40,600 –> 00:27:46,160

time? What is in your medicine bag to share? What is the medicine that you’re holding and



00:27:46,160 –> 00:27:51,520

really cleaning that it’s so important. And I think we’re not, you know, we talked a little



00:27:51,520 –> 00:27:56,480

bit about, what was the word that you used? I loved it, but I was thinking about like



00:27:56,480 –> 00:28:01,200

holding humility in a really beautiful way. Like we always think of humility as shrinking



00:28:01,200 –> 00:28:06,160

or being small, but like, let’s be with one with creation and see that we are medicine



00:28:06,160 –> 00:28:11,120

keepers. We can do that still with grace. We can still do that and hold it in a non-egoic



00:28:11,120 –> 00:28:18,480

way. So the current is the Shaker card, the truth card. Now this is quite the like activation



00:28:18,480 –> 00:28:22,880

card. So this is the current card and there’s a lot of activation going on collectively



00:28:22,880 –> 00:28:28,600

right now. So we have a lot of fiery energy happening. Lots of things are burning up.



00:28:28,600 –> 00:28:33,900

Lots of truth is surfacing. This is probably speaking to the collective energy. How can



00:28:33,900 –> 00:28:39,640

you be part of it? What is your, your voice? What is your voice asking? And with this card



00:28:39,640 –> 00:28:43,920

of the medicine bag, we’re really asking like, what is the wisdom that you’ve claimed over



00:28:43,920 –> 00:28:49,360

the last cycle or season? And now how can you put it into practice? Now how can you



00:28:49,360 –> 00:28:55,080

actually be the advocate, the ally, the, the person of medicine who’s speaking into the



00:28:55,080 –> 00:29:00,080

world because we need, we need that. We need those voices to be brave. Um, we think about



00:29:00,080 –> 00:29:04,800

courage and that letter that we talked about that took a lot of courage. Um, and it wasn’t



00:29:04,800 –> 00:29:10,660

easy, but it ended up being such a blessing. So your truth can too. Here’s the future,



00:29:10,660 –> 00:29:17,440

the Full Spirit Moon card. The future is bright, beautiful ones. The future is bright. Um,



00:29:17,440 –> 00:29:21,920

grandmother moon doesn’t hide when she’s in her fullness expression. She’s just like,



00:29:21,920 –> 00:29:27,480

I went through my cycle. Here I am. Everybody watched my shine and this is what’s calling



00:29:27,480 –> 00:29:33,680

to you. How can you step out in your fullest expression, those doubts, those fears, those,



00:29:33,680 –> 00:29:40,280

um, what I call inner critic or inner oppressor voices. How can you tend to those that you



00:29:40,280 –> 00:29:44,600

can actually let your medicine shine through in the fullness of what it is? So there’s



00:29:44,600 –> 00:29:52,480

a lot of, um, activation here of your medicine gifts. You see, there you go. There you go. So the



00:29:52,480 –> 00:30:02,480

future is good. Yeah. Oh, for you. That’s so fun. And I think the best part, cause I



00:30:02,480 –> 00:30:08,000

love oracle’s too. Like I think, you know, for alumna, I’m not 46, but I, I’ve been that



00:30:08,000 –> 00:30:13,800

path and been there, done that. Hay House has been a big part of, of my journey too,



00:30:13,800 –> 00:30:19,560

cause when there wasn’t, when there, I wasn’t connected, um, you know, they were there to



00:30:19,560 –> 00:30:26,160

guide and it was, I was grateful. Um, and I am so proud to see you in that realm. It



00:30:26,160 –> 00:30:33,320

is so amazing to see you there. So I’m proud, excited, uh, grateful for the space and time



00:30:33,320 –> 00:30:38,760

and Eleanor for like, you know, pushing this and saying like, let’s do this. Um, you know,



00:30:38,760 –> 00:30:44,400

Reconciling Humanity is a passion for both of us, for both sides to bring, to bring the



00:30:44,400 –> 00:30:52,600

people together in a time to shine. Uh, niawah Asha, I want to bring you in person somewhere



00:30:52,600 –> 00:30:59,760

where we are and join our circle, uh, next year and let’s introduce you to our community.



00:30:59,760 –> 00:31:04,880

I would love it. Um, in person, let’s do it. Yes, do it. I’m so grateful. Thank you both



00:31:04,880 –> 00:31:09,480

Eleanor and Jody. This has been such a blessing to be with you. And I’m here to, I’m really



00:31:09,480 –> 00:31:13,880

here to hold that vision of the bridge too, just to have us all, we need all of us, right?



00:31:13,880 –> 00:31:19,800

To come together for reconciliation. So, miigwetch with all my heart. Thank you. Niawah,



00:31:19,800 –> 00:31:29,720

thank you so much, Asha. And I perceive gratitude, which is a huge element of healing,



00:31:29,720 –> 00:31:37,880

um, from your passage there, but humility as a deep sense of gratitude. Like that when



00:31:37,880 –> 00:31:43,960

I, when I heard that. So thank you so much. Gratitude and, uh, for your time and space



00:31:43,960 –> 00:31:47,480

here with us. And I would love for you to come to a Grandmother’s Voice event next year,



00:31:47,480 –> 00:31:54,720

that sounds amazing! It’s so nice to be with both of you and, uh, just let me know how,



00:31:54,720 –> 00:32:00,960

I’d love to share this too. Um, if I can, with my community. Yes. Thank you so much



00:32:00,960 –> 00:32:08,200

for watching Reconciling Humanity on Skyward TV and Hopeful Radio. Very blessed for your



00:32:08,200 –> 00:32:14,440

presence and your attention. And please share with us your feedback, your questions. Blessed be.


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