Reiki Level One Workshop, facilitated by Holistic Eleanor at Be Yoga and Wellness

Reiki Level One Workshop

Reiki Level One Workshop, Sat May 6th 1-4:30pm $140+HST⁠
This 3.5-hour workshop is provided to a small group, up to 6.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) means Universal Life-Force Energy in Japanese. This non-invasive ancient healing art balances your body, mind and spirit naturally 🌈⁠

Through the life energy we all embody, Reiki practitioners are able to channel this flow through specific placement of the hands for healing and well-being. Enhance the wellness of yourself, friends and family, plants and animals 💖⁠

Reiki encourages relaxation, a clear mind, optimism, and better sleep ☮⁠

“Reiki is better than placebo in activating the parasympathetic nervous system, as measured by reduced heart rate, reduced blood pressure, and increased heart rate variability. For patients with chronic health conditions, Reiki has been found to be more effective than placebo for reducing pain, anxiety, and depression, and for improving self-esteem and quality of life.”~ David E. McManus, PhD in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine in 2017.⁠

Workshop includes:

~Training Manual with theory, images and a step-by-step guide to walk you through Level One Reiki treatment:

    o The History & Origin of Reiki

    o The Reiki Principles & Precepts

    o Intro to Intuition

    o Hand Positions for Self-Healing & Table Treatments

~Guided Meditation

~Your Level One Attunement

~Hands-on practice with other student practitioners

~Certificate of Completion


Who benefits from learning Reiki?

~Wellness Professionals & Community Leaders — RMT’s, Nurses, Teachers etc.

~People with high-stress careers — learn relaxation & self-help techniques

~Everyone who feels a calling to serve others

Before participating in the Reiki Level One Workshop with Eleanor Hayward I struggled with hand placement and trusting my intuition. During the workshop with Eleanor I discovered my ability to see my aura, which was a vibrant purple. Upon completion of the Reiki Level One workshop, I’m feeling really good, full of love and really open.” ~Nicole Armstrong

A Holistic Practitioner & Reiki Master with 20+ years as a trained health professional in Halton Region, Eleanor Hayward is an avid student of personal development. She is passionate about her service of wellness for body, mind & spirit.

Take the initiative to facilitate your healing journey and become attuned to Reiki energy!

Relax, Refresh, Reflect and Rejuvenate

You Are the best investment you will ever make

Personal Empowerment, Embodiment and Evolution