Remember That People

Remember that people: Love to their level of self-love Communicate to their level of self-awareness Behave to their level of healed trauma -Anonymous, meme by Holistic Eleanor

When Life Gets Tough

Greetings to you this #ThinkingThursday, my friends 💗
I’m fascinated by the human psyche 🤩
How we think, feel, behave, and ultimately interact with each other 💞
We all have ego to some point, it’s our in-built defense mechanism when we have embodied trauma 🙃
Our trauma and our ego affects every aspect of our perception and actions 🤔
Projection is the effect of when that which is within, is put out into the world, in terms of beliefs, attitudes, values, and how they are communicated both verbally & non-verbally👺
Our environment and culture influence us heavily, we are susceptible to the impressions of religion, education, family, and media ⚠
I believe that the more #InnerWork we practice, the deeper we go within 💗
We can learn to re-embody our divine light that was taken from us and our ancestral lineage through the beliefs & values of heteropatriarchy, colonialism and white supremacy through history, for example 🌟
This will affect how we move about the world, working and playing 🎭
All this to say, it doesn’t serve us to take the behaviour of others personally 🙏
We can only affect our own perceptions, reactions and choices, and how we project ourselves into the world 🌎
Granted easier said than done, hence why a community where we are: Safe, Seen, Celebrated & Supported makes all the difference as we learn to heal & evolve 🦋
The Love Your Vibe Transformation has been truly instrumental to the mindset & heartset of those in our growing community 💞
Check out the FB Group Miracle Magnet Zone‘ for your daily insight & inspiration as you travel your journey through time & space ✨
How is this resonating today?
Your feedback, questions & shares are welcome & appreciated 🙏
As ever, wishing you blessings of love, peace, and fulfillment along your path 💖
Relax, Refresh, Reflect and Rejuvenate

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