Services for your Body Work & Inner Work

Body Work Inner Work

Services for your body work and inner work

How have you been? The world has been a challenging place the past couple years.. at times I have sensed a deep vortex sucking down with fear into darkness, doubt, sadness, grief, hopelessness πŸ˜”
These emotions are normal reactions to life events. The practice of inner works allows us to flex our mental muscles, so we may acknowledge these justified hardships, yet learn to rise above with resilience 🌟
The combination of Body Work (physical, including massage), with Inner Work (mental, emotional and spiritual energy) is a powerful integration for healing holistically πŸ’—
It’s my honour to share my gifts and skills for your evolutionary journey with Holistic EleanorπŸ¦‹
The simple, yet effective personal development teachings and tools of The Love Your Vibe Transformation, founded by the inspirational Elvira V. Hopper Coaching have shifted my world dramatically! And for the betterment of all heart-centred people πŸ’–
My fellow Miracle Mindset Mentor Jennifer Hawkins and I are pleased and privileged to have space for ONE MORE heart-centered person to more deeply learn about themselves for inner empowerment in this wonky world 🌟
Is there anything here for you?
πŸ’— A heart-centred human who has been especially challenged since the pandemic?
πŸ’— A heart-centred biz owner who truly understands the importance of doing your ‘Inner Work’ of healing & evolving, in order that your business may THRIVE?
πŸ’— A heart-centred leader with a life experience that nearly killed you, but you can now see happened FOR you, so that others (still struggling as you once did) could benefit from the wisdom of your Story, Message and Magic?
πŸ’— A beautiful combo of ALL of the above who wishes to add another stream of inspirational leadership to your business on a turn key powerful proven biz platform?
➑️ If so, please check out this much beloved, personal development program that has fast become a global movement 🌎 — March registration closes this weekend!
🀩 Here’s what our fabulous graduates (virtually 100% who wish to become facilitators) are saying:
βœ… “Better than years of therapy”
βœ… “I won this program but I would have paid double for it”
βœ… “BEST personal development I have ever done”
βœ… “My leader and my community have become family I chose for myself”
βœ… “I’m BACK baby!”
“I am currently enrolled in The Love Your Vibe Transformation 6-Month Group Mentorship Program!
I am not even finished yet and I am completely different person since October.
I now have Personal Power, Self Respect and Self Love. Boundaries of Protection.
I now have Power Tools to find strength and confidence in myself every day.
Truly as I diffuse my challenging life situations mentally, the situations are shrinking and resolving.
All this is facilitated in my small loving community. This program is designed SO beautifully with supportive baby steps which can’t help but lead to wondrous AHA Moments!
Years of therapy rolled into six months in the comfort of my home.
Sounds too good to be true? Well the thing about Miracles is that NOTHING is TOO GOOD to be TRUE.” ~Vicky A.
Please reach out with any and all questions πŸ’–
Relax, Refresh, Reflect and Rejuvenate

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