The Love Your Vibe Podcast Episode 6, Ego vs. Higher Self 🌈

The Love Your Vibe Podcast

The Love your Vibe Podcast Episode 6, Ego vs. Higher Self

Warm Greetings, beautiful soul!

In Episode 6, Eleanor Hayward and Elvira V. Hopper speak about the Ego vs The Higher Self. Listen to gain some juicy tidbits by hearing our conversation to apply to your own personal development journey.

Ego shows up every day. It shows up to protect us, whether you want it to or not! We discuss aspects of our ego, and some of the different voices we hear in our head, that can get us into trouble when we’re out of alignment.

In contrast to the “Source Force”, in alignment with our divine selves where we can manifest miracles. We share some teachings and tools from The Love Your Vibe Transformation for your journey of inner work, so we can bring Heaven on Earth together!


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Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic,” ~Albus Dumbledore


Elvira Hopper 0:05
Welcome to The Love Your Vibe Podcast! It’s A Revolution of Evolution! You are in the right place if you are a kind and heart centered person looking to learn new ways of showing up, aligned, authentic and fully self expressed. If everyone did this work on the planet, don’t you think it could be Heaven on Earth? I’m Elvira Hopper, and I’m in the studio with Eleanor Hayward. And we are so thrilled that you’ve joined us! In this episode, Eleanor and I speak about the Ego vs The Higher Self. We hope that you can gain some juicy tidbits by hearing our conversation to apply to your own personal development journey. Hello, Eleanor!

Eleanor Hayward 0:52
Hello Elvira!

Elvira Hopper 0:54
How are you?

Eleanor Hayward 0:54
I am very well, how are you today?

Elvira Hopper 0:56
I’m doing amazing!

Eleanor Hayward 0:57

Elvira Hopper 0:58
We have a juicy topic today. So excited. So excited to talk about this because it comes up every day.

Eleanor Hayward 1:06
It sure does!

Elvira Hopper 1:07
It shows up every day. It shows up to protect us.

Eleanor Hayward 1:11
Yes. Whether you want it to or not.

Elvira Hopper 1:13
Whether you want it or not. Exactly.

Both 1:15

Elvira Hopper 1:16
We are talking about “The Ego”.

Eleanor Hayward 1:19
Yes. It’s very complex topic.

Elvira Hopper 1:21
Yes, yes.

Eleanor Hayward 1:22
And yet, I think we both have a dovetailing interpretation of what it means, and how, how it serves us. But more importantly, how can we.. what else is there? In our consciousness? So what is your understanding?

Elvira Hopper 1:37
Yeah, so for me the ego as Wayne Dyer, God rest his soul, amazing man that he was, he said, ego is “Edging God Out”. God, replace it with whatever you believe in, whether it’s universe, spirit, source, science, the force as in, as in Star Wars..

Eleanor Hayward 1:58

Elvira Hopper 1:58
Whatever you believe in.

Both 2:00

Elvira Hopper 2:01
That is, is the the force that created the universe, that created the planets, that created us, whatever it is that you believe in, you know, if you can consider that Edging God Out, or edging that force out, and wanting to do things on your own, because it’s all about you. And it’s all about you wanting to control the situation so you can feel safe..

Eleanor Hayward 2:25

Elvira Hopper 2:25
..and you wanting to stay perfect, so that you’re not judged. So that you can, you know, show up in a way that’s accepted by society, by your parents by you know, your friends, your spouse. And and so ego is there to protect us. Because, you know, we feel like we’re in control, you know, but it’s really a false sense of control.

Eleanor Hayward 2:48
Oh it is.

Elvira Hopper 2:48

Eleanor Hayward 2:49

Elvira Hopper 2:49
Yeah. So..

Eleanor Hayward 2:50
Holds us hostage.

Elvira Hopper 2:51
It does. It does. And so when I was divinely gifted with The Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset, I realized that ego is not our amigo.

Eleanor Hayward 3:01

Elvira Hopper 3:01
I didn’t make that up, one of my mentors says that.

Eleanor Hayward 3:04
I love the rhymes!

Elvira Hopper 3:04
Yeah. But, but ego is, is really, you know, what Wayne Dyer said, Edging God Out or edging the universe or spirits or sky..

Eleanor Hayward 3:14
The Force?

Elvira Hopper 3:15
The Force, yes. And there’s another way of living our lives. And that is keeping that force, that that universe spirit source God, in your life.

Eleanor Hayward 3:15

Elvira Hopper 3:16
And staying closely connected. Because that force, that source is actually our higher self connected to it, where we’re one, we are one aligned,

Eleanor Hayward 3:41
Collective conciousness.

Elvira Hopper 3:42
Yes, we are one aligned being and where, we can all live there, if we choose, it’s a choice.

Eleanor Hayward 3:49

Elvira Hopper 3:50
And so when we’re living out of alignment, we think it’s all about us. And we have to force things to happen. And we have to control, and make sure everything’s being done the way we want. And, and people are responding in a certain way so that we can feel safe, and all those things that our ego wants to, you know, take over. And when we realize that our ego isn’t really the best person or source to do that, that we can actually be guided by source, spirit, God, universe, and live in alignment..

Eleanor Hayward 4:21
The Source Force!!

Elvira Hopper 4:21
The Source Force! Yes, exactly we’ll call it The Source Force!

Eleanor Hayward 4:24

Elvira Hopper 4:24
When we can be led by the Source Force,

Eleanor Hayward 4:27

Elvira Hopper 4:27 is so much more in more joyful, and easy, and fun and, and that’s alignment! And that’s when you can be a Miracle Magnet. Like, literally, you know, the things that have happened for me in the last little while, like I won’t even go into them because you’re gonna think I’m bragging but things that find me out of the blue, like, Oh my God, how did I get that award, and that award, and this person wants me on their album..

Eleanor Hayward 4:27
Winning that prize, and… yeah.

Elvira Hopper 4:32
And it’s like, why? Because I’m in alignment. And that’s what happens when someone’s in alignment. People want to give them things, they want to give them opportunities. They want to give them money, they want to give them, they want to hang out with them. Someone that is in alignment is magnetic.

Eleanor Hayward 5:10

Elvira Hopper 5:10
So that is what I believe is possible. I used to live from ego because that that was all I knew. And ego ran my show. And I needed outside validation like I needed oxygen.

Eleanor Hayward 5:22

Elvira Hopper 5:22
Because it was all about me and my ego. And my ego tried to keep me small and safe. ‘Don’t stretch too hard or too far, you’ll hurt yourself’. Or the opposite, my ego had everyone think ‘I’m all that in a bag of chips’ because deep down it was compensating for ‘I’m not good enough’. So though that’s the ‘Nasty Contrast Game of Ego’ right?

Eleanor Hayward 5:42
Yes, in The Love Your Vibe Transformation.

Elvira Hopper 5:44
In The Love Your Vibe Transformation. So we talk about, you know, leaving that game behind and going to live in, in an aligned, aligned state. So I just want to drop it there and ask you Eleanor, what, what is ego for you?

Eleanor Hayward 5:56
Ahh, so..

Elvira Hopper 5:57
Yeah, LOL

Eleanor Hayward 5:57
..juicy. And I did take a course about Freud in University. And I guess he was the one who came up with the ego, ID and the super ego. And I, I mean, it’s it’s complex. And I think that’s changed in the 100 years, since he was in psychology. But basically my understanding is that ego is that self defense mechanism. It’s a, it’s a survival mechanism to cover up insecurity. And like you said.. it’s, and, you also introduce us to the, to Tammy Cunningham, shout out to her!

Elvira Hopper 6:29
Yes, shout out to her!

Eleanor Hayward 6:33
She shared with us Karpmen’s Ego Triangle. And that made so much sense to me..

Elvira Hopper 6:41

Eleanor Hayward 6:41
..because, again, I’ve said this before, The Celestine Prophecy, another plug there.

Elvira Hopper 6:44

Eleanor Hayward 6:45
In my early 20’s, he brought up this control drama.

Elvira Hopper 6:48
Yeah, James Redfield should be paying you for this, by the way.

Both 6:51

Eleanor Hayward 6:53
Or at least he can do a podcast with us and delve into this, at some point.

Elvira Hopper 6:57
Yeah. Yeah. We’ll take that.

Both 6:58

Elvira Hopper 7:00
Sorry. Continue, yeah.

Eleanor Hayward 7:01
But the control dramas! And he talked about the bully/victim. And then there was the aloof/interrogator dynamics. And I just, it smacked me upside the head. I was like, Oh..

Elvira Hopper 7:11
[whispers] This makes total sense.

Eleanor Hayward 7:12
[whispers] This makes total sense.

Elvira Hopper 7:13

Eleanor Hayward 7:13
Because I was surrounded by people who had this victim mentality, the bully mentality. But I had to recognize that I was pointing fingers in ‘The Blame Game’, which is also one of the things that ego does, but I had six fingers pointing back at me and ‘oh, crap, I am a bully’. And yeah, I have, ‘I play the victim card’, as well. And I did a lot of work through my 20’s to peel off those layers in my early path of personal development. And..

Elvira Hopper 7:41

Eleanor Hayward 7:41
..I got a very good handle on it. Bu,t and that’s a conscious.. because like, there’s at some point that people are like, ‘being a bully works for me’.

Elvira Hopper 7:48

Eleanor Hayward 7:49
And ‘I can control this situation’.

Elvira Hopper 7:51

Eleanor Hayward 7:51
Because deep down, I’m insecure.

Elvira Hopper 7:52

Eleanor Hayward 7:53
And if I can control somebody else, then that really, it’s that machismo..

Elvira Hopper 7:57

Eleanor Hayward 7:57
..that has come through the patriarchy, that’s come through the church..

Elvira Hopper 7:59

Eleanor Hayward 8:00
..that has come through our culture and..

Elvira Hopper 8:01
That toxic male energy.

Eleanor Hayward 8:03
[Sigh] So tiring.

Elvira Hopper 8:03
Yeah, it’s so heavy. LOL. Yeah, and, and a lot of women operate like that today, because they get power, like you see the ‘mean girl’ all the time, that is living in her ego and fear and, and, you know, egos running her show, and she has to, you know, control other women by, you know, having power over them, you know, being that bully, right?

Eleanor Hayward 8:25
Yep, and women can by hyper masculine as well.

Elvira Hopper 8:25
And she’s not in alignment. Yes. Yes, exactly. In fact, that’s usually when women have the most trouble is when they’re behaving like men, and and they’re, they’re out of alignment. They’re not in their feminine energy.

Eleanor Hayward 8:36
Been there, done that.

Elvira Hopper 8:38
Yeah, yeah, me too. Me too. That was my old life. And now it’s like, holy cow. When I see that. It’s like, I can notice it. And I, ‘Okay, step away’, you know, ‘get back into your zone’, right? We call it we call our zone, the VAP Vibration of Authentic Power. Right, where you’re not using your ego power.

Eleanor Hayward 8:58

Elvira Hopper 8:59
You’re using authentic power, which is Source Force. Right?

Eleanor Hayward 9:02

Both 9:04

Eleanor Hayward 9:04
We channel new things!

Elvira Hopper 9:06
Yeah, I love it. And, and, you know, it’s all about realizing that, you know, we can be more by being alignment with source, right? The Source Force.

Eleanor Hayward 9:16
How do get there?

Elvira Hopper 9:17
How do you get.. Oh, that’s great. So let’s talk about that.

Eleanor Hayward 9:22
And I think it’s, it’s so juicy. And the other, the other.. so back to Karpman in the Ego Triangle..

Elvira Hopper 9:27
Yes, yes!

Eleanor Hayward 9:27
..that there’s the bully and the victim. And the other voice that jumps in is the martyr. Yeah, it wasn’t until last year that that really smacked me upside my head that I recognized I was getting triggered, because I’ve done so much work around racial and environmental justice and in recognizing that, ‘oh, I have to save the world’.

Elvira Hopper 9:43

Eleanor Hayward 9:44
There’s this part of me that I just recognize. I’m like, Oh, this is not the..

Elvira Hopper 9:47
The white savior?

Eleanor Hayward 9:48
In alignment.

Elvira Hopper 9:48

Eleanor Hayward 9:49
And that’s part of the dynamic, how it manifests.

Elvira Hopper 9:53

Eleanor Hayward 9:53
But the, you can think of the martyr jumps in between the bully and the victim.

Elvira Hopper 9:56

Eleanor Hayward 9:57
But it’s also not in alignment..

Elvira Hopper 9:58

Eleanor Hayward 9:58
..and I think there’s a paradox here.

Elvira Hopper 10:01

Eleanor Hayward 10:01
Because ego is there, and there is, you know I mean, when we’re born as children, ego is just there. Like kids are self absorbed, you know, they just don’t have concept of other people. And my, my vision is that our society is very much juvenile.

Elvira Hopper 10:18
Yeah, oh yeah.

Eleanor Hayward 10:19
Like a teenager that..

Elvira Hopper 10:21
Even younger than that, I think..

Eleanor Hayward 10:23

Elvira Hopper 10:23
There’s a lot of five year olds, as Tammy Cunningham says, ‘Pee Pee Pants kids,’ you know!

Both 10:28

Elvira Hopper 10:30
That feel not good enough, right?

Eleanor Hayward 10:31

Elvira Hopper 10:31
And and that’s, that’s society. That’s most of society. Unless you do the inner work.

Eleanor Hayward 10:36
Unless you do the inner work.

Elvira Hopper 10:37

Eleanor Hayward 10:38
Which is what brings us back there. And so the Three Pillars of Loving Your Vibe, are Spirituality.



Elvira Hopper 10:45
Well, Extreme Self Care..

..and Extreme Self Care.

Yeah, that’s the first Yeah. And then spirituality… Yeah. Sorry. I go by the order on my graphs. That’s my that’s my OCD kicking in, right. I’m not OCD. But no, everybody has a little element of it. Yeah. No. So I’m sorry, I cut you off. Yeah.

Eleanor Hayward 11:02
No thats ok. And it takes conscious awareness to, if I’m feeling triggered, and out of alignment, and I’m feeling really crappy, how can I raise my vibe?

Elvira Hopper 11:12

Eleanor Hayward 11:12
And recognize that those voices of ego, like I had to go to a.. I went to a hypnotherapist or a psychologist and like, I had done enough research. I said ‘ego’s my problem. This is what’s wrong with the world. I want to get rid of it’. Little did I know that that was actually the voice of ego saying that, in my head, and she was very tactful, and circled me around with questions that ultimately demonstrated to me that ego is trying to protect us. So I want to get rid of that?

Elvira Hopper 11:40

Eleanor Hayward 11:41
But the thing is, it’s often driving the car..

Elvira Hopper 11:44

Eleanor Hayward 11:44 you use your analogy.

Elvira Hopper 11:45

Eleanor Hayward 11:46
And spirit is such a quiet voice within.

Elvira Hopper 11:49

Eleanor Hayward 11:49
That it takes active conscious awareness to kind of tune out of our brain..

Elvira Hopper 11:55
Our head, yeah.

Eleanor Hayward 11:56
..and come into our heart and come into our gut, and embody the Source Force.

Elvira Hopper 12:01

Eleanor Hayward 12:01
And that takes practice.

Elvira Hopper 12:03

Eleanor Hayward 12:04
And so you can actually hear the voice of your gut and you can hear the voice of your heart..

Elvira Hopper 12:08

Eleanor Hayward 12:10
..that says that it’s not right or wrong.

Elvira Hopper 12:12

Eleanor Hayward 12:14
Better or worse, or, you know, ego comes out. ‘You always, you never’

Elvira Hopper 12:18

Eleanor Hayward 12:19
Even when you’re talking to yourself, and it’s like, well, obviously ‘you never you always’ like that’s just not..

Elvira Hopper 12:25
Yeah, no.

Eleanor Hayward 12:26
..factually possible. LOL

Elvira Hopper 12:27
Yeah, yeah, it’s, yeah,

Eleanor Hayward 12:29
Sometimes. So it comes down to communication. It comes down to awareness is the first step in making that choice that maybe I don’t have to believe everything that I think.

Elvira Hopper 12:39
yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Eleanor Hayward 12:41
That was HUGE insight for me. As a recovering over thinker..

Elvira Hopper 12:46

Eleanor Hayward 12:46 not believe everything I think and, and that can be flipped on its side as well, that there’s a compassion triangle on the other side of the ego triangle. So instead of the bully, the victim, or the villain, and the victim and the hero..

Elvira Hopper 13:01

Eleanor Hayward 13:02
..that there’s the Coach, the Challenger and the Creator. Then how can we bring in the Source Force, and kind of take those tendencies, but actually build up other people rather than tear them down? And that’s where the compassion..

Elvira Hopper 13:16

Eleanor Hayward 13:17
..comes into it that model, pardon me, it’s escaping me who came up with the compassion triangle?

Elvira Hopper 13:21
That’s beautiful. I didn’t even know about that. Thank you for enlightening me to that!

Eleanor Hayward 13:24
Yes!! That’s in our Facilitation Fundamentals course that’s coming.

Both 13:24

Elvira Hopper 13:27
Oh cool! This is great!

Eleanor Hayward 13:30
Our framework. Juggling different balls here, and how do we make The Love Your Vibe Transformation even better for our Miracle Mindset Mentors?

Elvira Hopper 13:36
Yeah, yeah.

Eleanor Hayward 13:37
It’s just, a path of personal development.

Elvira Hopper 13:40
Yeah, it’s one way to do it. If you’re a heart centered person. Yeah, well, it is pretty cool. I can’t say I made it up, I channeled it and you’ve taken it with Jennifer [Hawkins] and you’ve made it even better to deliver it to the world in a six month program. And it’s phenomenal, because it you know, we’re so used to, you know, being a certain way and thinking a certain way, and when we unpack the things that we’ve thought, and believed, and we think, you know, we realize is it really true? Or can I let that go, and and really connect to your higher self, that’s not your ego self, it’s your higher self.

Eleanor Hayward 14:15

Elvira Hopper 14:15
And and when you start getting happier, and and you’re getting better results in life, you start living there more and more. And then ego is less likely to jump in and sabotage you..

Eleanor Hayward 14:28
Ah ha.

Elvira Hopper 14:28
..with with the you know, the ego voice that wants to be, like the way I see always ego is, ego’s had a job since you were a little kid, you know, trying to protect you. And it doesn’t want to be out of a job. Like it doesn’t want to be retired. So it’s always gonna kick up a fuss. If you start aligning with your higher self, it might try to sabotage and say, ‘No’, you know, ‘I know better’. You know, like, things are going great and everything’s in alignment and flow and all of a sudden something crappy happens, because the ego just wants to jump in and keep its job because, you know, the way I see, talk to my ego every day is, you know, ‘ego, I know you’re part of me’. And you know, ‘you’re three years old’, I see my ego as a three year old. ‘You can’t drive the car’,

Eleanor Hayward 14:32

Elvira Hopper 14:50
..’you’ve got to sit in the backseat, with in the baby seat, and spirit and I are driving the car’ or ‘Source Force and I are driving the car. Because we’re the A team. And we’re together and we’re taking the car where it needs to go’. Because if the three year old drove the car, we’d be banging into buildings and trees.

Eleanor Hayward 15:28
We have a society of children, which it does seem that way sometimes.

Elvira Hopper 15:31
LOL but you know, the car would be banging into trees and buildings right?

Eleanor Hayward 15:35
There you go. Good analogy, and I and I, and I and I like that analogy. And I think I give ego a bit more credit, in my reflection, in that it deserves to be a navigator in the side seat to say..

Elvira Hopper 15:47

Eleanor Hayward 15:48
Ego says ‘hey, there’s a there’s an obstacle coming up there’. But it’s just like, if ego’s driving, it’s like, ‘oh my god, there’s obstacle’ and it tends to catastrophize what’s coming and..

Elvira Hopper 15:57

Eleanor Hayward 15:58
..Overthink it, but then it’s like, okay, but when Source Force is driving the car, yeah, that you can be like, ‘Okay, there’s an obstacle, what can we do to get around it?’

Elvira Hopper 16:05
Yeah, exactly.

Eleanor Hayward 16:06
And that’s more of a mature way..

Elvira Hopper 16:08

Eleanor Hayward 16:09 so that we as a society need to evolve, and we can only do that as individuals and start to recognize when we start to to play these nasty games..

Elvira Hopper 16:18
Yeah, yeah!

Eleanor Hayward 16:19
..we play with each other and recognizing myself, that you know, I would play the victim with others and it was just like, it just was a toxic relationship with others. But it took real maturity to admit to myself that I was bullying myself..

Elvira Hopper 16:32

Eleanor Hayward 16:32 my head and I had to catch on to that voice. And I want to create an illustration for people who are still not entirely sure because this is kind of an abstract..

Elvira Hopper 16:40

Eleanor Hayward 16:41
..conversation that if you imagine your thoughts, that they’re so thick and dark sometimes in your head. Like if you’re struggling with mental, mental illness or trauma recovery..

Elvira Hopper 16:54

Eleanor Hayward 16:54
..and that’s really when ego’s really strong. Is when it’s trying to..

Elvira Hopper 16:57
It’s trying to protect you, yeah. [sigh]

Eleanor Hayward 16:58
..protect us from past trauma that we’re that we haven’t learned as a society. How to how to embody Source Force yet.

Elvira Hopper 17:04

Eleanor Hayward 17:06
But it, those clouds are so up front and center. It’s like a storm in your head. And it’s just, you cannot see around it. But really what meditation and breath work.. taking that breath, and recognizing that I am not my thoughts. I am not the clouds, that I am the sky.

Elvira Hopper 17:22
Oh, I love that. I’ve never heard that before. Yeah.

Eleanor Hayward 17:25
I am the space between my thoughts. And it takes practice to.. okay. Just create a..

Elvira Hopper 17:31
Remind yourself of who you are. Yeah,

Eleanor Hayward 17:33
Exactly. So this consciousness that ‘I am not my thoughts’.

Elvira Hopper 17:37
Yeah. Yeah.

Eleanor Hayward 17:39
That I am Source Force.

Elvira Hopper 17:40

Eleanor Hayward 17:40
And we all are expressions of this divinity.

Elvira Hopper 17:43
We all are, yeah.

Eleanor Hayward 17:44
And I hope that that analogy, so the teachings and tools of The Love Your Vibe Transformation include breathwork, include meditation.

Elvira Hopper 17:50

Eleanor Hayward 17:50
..include creativity.

Elvira Hopper 17:51
Yeah. Anything to connect you in that high vibration

Eleanor Hayward 17:54
Extreme Self Care. Spirituality.

Elvira Hopper 17:55

Eleanor Hayward 17:55
And how do you apply those so that they’re tailored to you so that when you’re in a dark place, how do you make space?

Elvira Hopper 18:01

Eleanor Hayward 18:02
For yourself? How do you love yourself? How do you bring compassion and empathy to yourself? And then when you really dig deep and transform,

Elvira Hopper 18:08

Eleanor Hayward 18:09
And heal your trauma!

Elvira Hopper 18:10
You can!

Eleanor Hayward 18:11
It improves your relationships around you.

Elvira Hopper 18:13
Yeah, absolutely. When you take care of your own trauma, when you own that, you know, you’re not, you’re not what happened to you, but if you choose, and if it feels good, you can let go. And you can be your authentic self. You can, you know, all the layers put on you is inauthentic, when you let go of those layers that’s authentic. And you know you’re around someone that’s authentic when it’s light, when it’s easy, like I’m looking at you right now. And we are definitely our authentic selves right now in this conversation and it’s so beautiful. Imagine if the whole world felt like that?

Eleanor Hayward 18:16
Ah, Peace on Earth, A Revolution of Evolution!

Elvira Hopper 18:49
Yes! That’s why! Yeah, we call it that, this this podcast, for sure. And it could be Heaven on Earth. I really do, I really believe that.

Eleanor Hayward 18:57
I can see it!

Elvira Hopper 18:57
If we lived aligned with our higher self, our higher source, Source Force..

Both 18:58

Elvira Hopper 18:58
I love saying it so much, this was channeled today for this conversation! And our higher power, sorry, our higher purpose you know, when we live in alignment with higher self, higher power, higher purpose..

Eleanor Hayward 19:18

Elvira Hopper 19:19 fully self expressed, being everything we were born to be in this lifetime, not hiding pieces of yourself for fear that you won’t be accepted.

Eleanor Hayward 19:25

Elvira Hopper 19:26
Having the courage to be fully you, like, imagine a world full of those people?

Eleanor Hayward 19:31
Where we can collaborate?

Elvira Hopper 19:32

Eleanor Hayward 19:33
Rather than divide?

Elvira Hopper 19:34
Yes, yes. And collaboration and co-creation over competition, right? Because the ego loves to compete, because the ego wants everything to itself. But when you start living as your higher self, it’s all about co-creation and collaboration.

Eleanor Hayward 19:46
Oh it’s so juicy!

Elvira Hopper 19:47
It’s so juicy and that’s what we’re doing with The Love Your Vibe Transformation. Like it’s all about collaboration. Hey, that rhymes! And yeah, it’s just I cert.. I like honestly I.. It blows my mind how beautiful and simple this system is. And, you know, I just, I know you do as well, we want to bring more people to this work, this inner work.

Eleanor Hayward 20:09

Elvira Hopper 20:09
Because it’s it, it can save humanity. I really believe it can. It can help us create Heaven on Earth, Peace on Earth. And it’s just one way of doing it. There’s many ways, you know?

Eleanor Hayward 20:20

Elvira Hopper 20:20
But our way just happened to work for us. And you know, and it’s not one thing, it’s it’s a lot of things right? Like, Love Your Vibe has meditation, it has the, you know, the artistic, you know, creation piece, the extreme self care, anything,

Eleanor Hayward 20:34

Elvira Hopper 20:35
Journaling, yeah. Yeah, there’s, there’s a few pieces we’re missing. But, but those are, you know..

Eleanor Hayward 20:40

Elvira Hopper 20:41
Boundaries! Yes, exactly. But these are high vibration activities that we can choose to be in, where we are not vibing, you know, on a zero to 10 scale, we’re not at a two or three where ego likes to live.

Eleanor Hayward 20:54

Elvira Hopper 20:54
We’re in between a seven and a nine, you know, where there’s joy and love and creativity, and friendship and community, and gratitude and all those juicy things.

Eleanor Hayward 21:03

Elvira Hopper 21:03
And I’m looking at you smile, as I say all those things, because they’re high vibration, and the more we can choose to live.

Eleanor Hayward 21:08
And measurably so, from what I gather!

Elvira Hopper 21:09
So yeah, according to.. Yes. Dr. David Hawkins: Power Versus Force. Yeah, so this is science, like science backs up the fact that our emotions carry vibration that can be measured on equipment in the lab, you know?

Eleanor Hayward 21:10

Elvira Hopper 21:14
And my friend, shout out to Dr. Larry Farwell, he, you know, he created a book called The Science of Creating Miracles.

Eleanor Hayward 21:30

Elvira Hopper 21:30
And it’s all about living in that vibration, you know, where you’re in alignment, you know?

Eleanor Hayward 21:35
I look forward to reading that.

Elvira Hopper 21:35
Yeah, it’s, it’s amazing. Yeah, you’re gonna love Dr. Larry. And yeah, it’s all about living in the conscious unified field, where you are in alignment with your higher self, your higher power, your higher purpose, because it’s all one. It’s all one beautiful, unified field. So that’s where we can choose to be instead of being in ego. And that’s what I want to invite people to, is going deeper to do this inner work, and connect with us and and see what’s in it for you. So, anything you want to share before we close down today?

Eleanor Hayward 22:08
Ah, part of me wants to go into, again, a part of the physiology, that when your ego is triggered,

Elvira Hopper 22:15

Eleanor Hayward 22:15
it’s like, what does your body.. it’s a form of contraction. And once you’re contracted, so then your, your body goes into the Fight Flight Freeze Fawn reaction. And that is, I think that’s the norm for a lot of people. A lot of people just walk around and they’re just hyper triggered. They’re hyper aroused. And it’s just a constant state of stress.

Elvira Hopper 22:35

Eleanor Hayward 22:36
On your system.

Elvira Hopper 22:36

Eleanor Hayward 22:37
And personal development..

Elvira Hopper 22:38
And that’s the ego protecting you?

Eleanor Hayward 22:39
That’s yeah, and that is a reflection of the ego..

Elvira Hopper 22:41
Yeah, yeah.

Eleanor Hayward 22:42
..protecting you, and how your behavior..

Elvira Hopper 22:44

Eleanor Hayward 22:44
..manifests once that element of yourself is triggered. And really what I believe healing work, I’ve been really into Dr. Gabor Mate lately..

Elvira Hopper 22:53
Yeah, amazing.

Eleanor Hayward 22:54
..and talking about trauma and how the medical system doesn’t understand trauma. But really, what’s coming to the surface is that when we can learn to embody our Source Force..

Elvira Hopper 23:04

Eleanor Hayward 23:05
..that we are working on training our parasympathetic nervous system, this is our rest, digest and repair..

Elvira Hopper 23:12

Eleanor Hayward 23:13
..aspect of her body where we can relax.

Elvira Hopper 23:15

Eleanor Hayward 23:16
And so there’s, instead of this contraction..

Elvira Hopper 23:18

Eleanor Hayward 23:18
There’s this relaxation.

Elvira Hopper 23:20

Eleanor Hayward 23:20
and a sense of flow.

Elvira Hopper 23:22

Eleanor Hayward 23:23
And that is the practice.

Elvira Hopper 23:25
Right! To be there as often as possible!

Eleanor Hayward 23:27
Whether it’s yoga, or dancing or journaling, singing. Like these are all, there’s all evidence into how these things work. And synchronicity with the brain and the bady..

Elvira Hopper 23:36
Yeah. And yeah,

Eleanor Hayward 23:37
and you’re in harmony.

Elvira Hopper 23:38

Eleanor Hayward 23:39
Rather than this dischord.

Elvira Hopper 23:40

Eleanor Hayward 23:41
And this contraction.

Elvira Hopper 23:42

Eleanor Hayward 23:42
So I wanted to bring up that..

Elvira Hopper 23:44
Thank you. It’s so beautiful. It’s so beautiful.

Eleanor Hayward 23:47

Elvira Hopper 23:47
Yeah, it’s it’s so so important.

Eleanor Hayward 23:50
A pleasure.

Elvira Hopper 23:50
Yeah. Thank you, Eleanor. This has been such a juicy conversation.

Eleanor Hayward 23:55
Sharing all of our secrets!

Elvira Hopper 23:56

Eleanor Hayward 23:56
It’s, and that’s the thing. There’s no competition.

Elvira Hopper 23:58

Eleanor Hayward 23:59
Take this information.

Elvira Hopper 24:00

Eleanor Hayward 24:00
Go, learn, share!

Elvira Hopper 24:00

Eleanor Hayward 24:02
Expand. There’s so many different perspectives…

Elvira Hopper 24:04
Yeah. Yeah.

Eleanor Hayward 24:05
..on how to embody your Source Force.

Elvira Hopper 24:08
Yeah. I love it! And live as your higher self, not your ego self.

Eleanor Hayward 24:11
Yes, right! Fully aligned, authentic..

Both 24:13
and fully self expressed.

Elvira Hopper 24:14

Eleanor Hayward 24:15
Thank you, Elvira! I loved this conversation!

Elvira Hopper 24:17
Thank you, I love you! And I think this is the last one in our season one, is it?

Eleanor Hayward 24:21
That’s, that’s been our plan!

Elvira Hopper 24:23
Yeah. Okay.

Eleanor Hayward 24:23
So hopefully…

Elvira Hopper 24:24
So join us in season two guys! Yes.

Eleanor Hayward 24:26
And we’re hoping to have conversations with some other people and enrich this conversation..

Elvira Hopper 24:30

Eleanor Hayward 24:31
..even further. So thank you so much for tuning in to season one!

Elvira Hopper 24:34

Eleanor Hayward 24:34
..we’re so grateful to have your attention! And please share your with your networks if you’ve enjoyed our time together. Thank you.

Elvira Hopper 24:42
Thank you. Bye Eleanor!

Eleanor Hayward 24:43
By Elvira! Thank you so much for listening to The Love Your Vibe Podcast, A Revolution of Evolution! Please join us in the Retreat and Recreate to Evolve and Elevate Facebook Group for your daily dose of insight and inspiration. Learn more about The Love Your Vibe Transformation, a personal development SOULution for heart-centered people. Catch us, Elvira Hopper and Eleanor Hayward next time. Bye for now!

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