The Love Your Vibe Show with Elvira V. Hopper and Eleanor Hayward, A Revolution of Evolution

There is Nothing Wrong With Us, with Christy Holt

In this episode of “The Love Your Vibe Show” on  @skywardtv , hosts Elvira V. Hopper and Eleanor Hayward speak with Author and Podcast host Christy Holt about the importance of having a non-judgmental support network to help us maintain balance and well-being.
Christy talks about her own personal experience with marriage and relationships on a journey to self-acceptance and self-care. She explains that we should not be looking for another person to make us whole.
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00:00:00,000 –> 00:00:11,960

Hello everyone and welcome to The Love Your Vibe Show. It is A Revolution of Evolution.



00:00:11,960 –> 00:00:19,000

We are Elvira Hopper and Eleanor Hayward! We’re happy to be on Skyward TV and Hopeful Radio



00:00:19,000 –> 00:00:26,360

on several platforms because we are so aligned with their mission to help people on the planet



00:00:26,360 –> 00:00:34,600

today get to mental wellness through the spiritual path. We believe that we are purveyors of a unique



00:00:34,600 –> 00:00:41,160

and personal development SOULution for heart-centered humans and we believe that all modalities matter.



00:00:41,160 –> 00:00:47,480

So whatever helps you to live in Alignment; Authentic, Fully Self-Expressed so that you can



00:00:47,480 –> 00:00:53,480

be a Miracle Magnet in life is what you should do more often. And today we are thrilled to bring on



00:00:53,480 –> 00:01:01,080

one of our beautiful members of our team. Our guest today is a powerful member, her name is



00:01:01,080 –> 00:01:10,120

Christy Holt. She is the Happiness Hussy. Hello Christy. She’s also a podcaster. She’s an author.



00:01:10,120 –> 00:01:16,040

She’s presently writing another book on relationships and she is the mom of four teenage



00:01:16,040 –> 00:01:22,760

boys and you will learn more about her as she speaks. So let’s talk about your Story, your Message



00:01:22,760 –> 00:01:28,840

and your Magic, Christy because the world truly needs it today more than ever. Thank you for being



00:01:28,840 –> 00:01:35,080

here. Yeah thank you so much for having me. I’m ready and excited to dive into this conversation.



00:01:36,200 –> 00:01:42,280

So exciting. So where we usually like to start is asking you a little bit about what brought you to



00:01:42,280 –> 00:01:48,440

where you are. What is your story about? What is your Why? People don’t want to know what you do



00:01:48,440 –> 00:01:54,520

but why you do it, Christy. So can you dive in and tell us a bit more about that? Yeah well



00:01:55,240 –> 00:02:00,600

as you both know, because I know you both a little bit, I’m gonna share a little bit about my past



00:02:00,600 –> 00:02:07,240

relationship because that is one of the most pivotal pieces of my story. Of course there’s



00:02:07,240 –> 00:02:11,560

multiple pieces. I used to be a professional accountant and if you finish listening to this



00:02:11,560 –> 00:02:17,880

interview you might be like what? Crazy! And I so I’ve had a number of different experiences



00:02:17,880 –> 00:02:24,200

that created turning points throughout my life but the most significant one I think was when I



00:02:24,200 –> 00:02:32,360

was in my marriage, and this was about five to seven years ago. It wasn’t working. I was trying to make



00:02:32,360 –> 00:02:38,040

it work but I wasn’t happy and as a result of that, I don’t know if anybody else can relate to this



00:02:38,040 –> 00:02:44,280

I did a lot of complaining and blaming and waiting for my partner to change, and it wasn’t working.



00:02:44,280 –> 00:02:51,640

Right? It just continued being kind of crappy and so you know as a mom I really wanted to do what was



00:02:51,640 –> 00:02:56,600

best for my kids, and so I thought keeping the family together was the best possible outcome



00:02:57,720 –> 00:03:03,080

until it wasn’t. Until I realized and I had this moment sort of part and parcel with this idea



00:03:03,080 –> 00:03:09,880

that my kids actually needed for me to choose me, and to show them by way of my actions and not just



00:03:09,880 –> 00:03:15,000

my words, how to Create Your Happy, which incidentally is the name of my podcast it’s called Create Your



00:03:15,000 –> 00:03:22,840

Happy and so I had this sort of realization they actually need me to go first they need me to show



00:03:22,840 –> 00:03:27,000

them because we all know these kids they don’t really listen that well you know we got to show



00:03:27,000 –> 00:03:32,760

them with our actions and be the actual role model part and parcel with this I have this epiphany



00:03:32,760 –> 00:03:40,520

moment, and you know channeling a little Taylor Swift here, “hi I’m the problem, it’s me” and I realized



00:03:40,520 –> 00:03:47,160

I’m the common denominator in every last one of my problems. Uh!! I don’t want to hear that right?



00:03:50,040 –> 00:03:58,280

Oh my gosh it’s me, dang! And then at the same time I realized I’m also the one who has the



00:03:58,280 –> 00:04:03,080

has the ability to change things. So, I didn’t stay stuck in that for too long. I realized, you know



00:04:03,080 –> 00:04:08,680

what, I’m the common denominator in the problems, and the solutions! So I started taking steps



00:04:08,680 –> 00:04:15,000

to, you know, well… I had already been on a fairly long personal growth journey, I’m kind of… I love



00:04:15,000 –> 00:04:21,400

reading I love reading about neuroscience and quantum physics and people, psychology like all



00:04:21,400 –> 00:04:27,640

of the stuff. I just find humans incredibly fascinating, but I really dove in even more,



00:04:27,640 –> 00:04:33,640

started to work on myself. I started some things like you know bringing compassion and self-love



00:04:33,640 –> 00:04:39,240

into the picture, and it really shifted the way I felt about myself and my own confidence. And so



00:04:39,880 –> 00:04:45,000

eventually what I realized after doing this self-discovery and really finding out because I



00:04:45,960 –> 00:04:51,240

kind of got lost a little bit and who I was in becoming a mom and a wife and I kind of was



00:04:51,240 –> 00:04:57,400

I call it ‘just a momitis’ and so I realized I needed to kind of figure out again who I was and it



00:04:57,400 –> 00:05:02,680

wasn’t about going back to who I was before all of that, because that’s not really possible so it



00:05:02,680 –> 00:05:09,000

was about figuring out who am I going to be now, here, and moving forward and so I started doing



00:05:09,720 –> 00:05:17,000

you know self-discovery and learning about who I was and as a result, I realized that my marriage



00:05:17,000 –> 00:05:24,040

really wasn’t working. And it just really it wasn’t in alignment the hard truth at that time was it



00:05:24,040 –> 00:05:30,040

was probably never in alignment and I was really just kind of trying to make it work and uh hello



00:05:30,040 –> 00:05:38,680

recovering people-pleaser! That played a lot into codependent patterns etc etc. Anyways long story



00:05:38,680 –> 00:05:49,240

short from there is, I left the marriage which for me was the best possible decision, and there have



00:05:49,240 –> 00:05:54,920

absolutely been challenges as far as co-parenting and all of these kinds of things, but I would never



00:05:54,920 –> 00:06:00,600

go back and change any of that history, because it all brought me to this moment right here right now



00:06:00,600 –> 00:06:06,440

and it taught me all of the things that I need to know to share with people which is what my mission



00:06:06,440 –> 00:06:12,680

  1. So that I can help women who are feeling unhappy feeling like there’s something missing



00:06:12,680 –> 00:06:19,400

Feeling, like they’re just a mom, or just a wife, or that they just aren’t sure what they’re supposed



00:06:19,400 –> 00:06:25,080

to be doing and to really help them to make those small shifts. Because honestly, it’s not



00:06:25,720 –> 00:06:31,320

a whole life transformation that’s required up front, it’s a series of small shifts along the way.



00:06:31,320 –> 00:06:38,680

Right? Oh wow! That is so good! So yes, let’s give some snaps and you know where this comes from



00:06:38,680 –> 00:06:43,720

Right? It’s like the Poetry Slams right? Yes yeah yeah, I didn’t realize



00:06:43,720 –> 00:06:48,360

that till just recently we always snap our fingers, right when we agree with something, and it goes



00:06:48,360 –> 00:06:53,960

back to the poetry slams back in the 60’s right where all the cool dudes would listen and give



00:06:53,960 –> 00:07:02,600

snaps right anyway! And jazz hands! Yeah yeah yeah, so yeah! So that’s amazing Christy, you are



00:07:02,600 –> 00:07:09,720

definitely an example of what’s possible, you know, for women that have been, you know, or presently



00:07:09,720 –> 00:07:14,520

are, anyone that’s listening right now that’s presently in a marriage that is not fulfilling,



00:07:14,520 –> 00:07:19,320

and you like you said you know we probably were never aligned, right? But you probably chose



00:07:19,320 –> 00:07:24,280

your husband, I’m gonna guess because maybe it was just the right time to get married, and he seemed



00:07:24,280 –> 00:07:29,800

like a nice guy? Like, tell us why you chose him to begin with, just curious? I gotta say honestly



00:07:29,800 –> 00:07:36,920

I feel… like I was actually married once prior to this, and I was now approaching my late 20’s, and I



00:07:36,920 –> 00:07:44,120

definitely felt the clock ticking. And we had you know enough background in common and a couple of



00:07:44,120 –> 00:07:52,200

shared interests. Yeah, that’s not enough I can say that now, because I now have the most incredible



00:07:52,200 –> 00:07:59,160

amazing relationship with (oh yeah) the most amazing man, and like the contrast is just night and day!



00:07:59,960 –> 00:08:04,360

But you don’t know what you don’t know, so here I went into that thinking that was going to be



00:08:04,360 –> 00:08:10,520

enough. I definitely can say looking back I had some self-worth issues. I was looking to other



00:08:10,520 –> 00:08:15,320

people to fulfill me, to fill the void, to fill what I thought was missing and broken about me



00:08:15,960 –> 00:08:22,760

and I didn’t realize which I do now — I’m already whole! I didn’t need anyone to fill in any missing



00:08:22,760 –> 00:08:30,840

gaps. I didn’t need fixing, because I wasn’t broken! And I actually view healing as a general term



00:08:30,840 –> 00:08:37,320

as like a recognition of your wholeness, because to me it we were never not whole so we don’t need to



00:08:37,320 –> 00:08:42,600

to heal because there’s something wrong with us, healing is just recognizing that there is really



00:08:42,600 –> 00:08:48,440

nothing wrong with us. That’s beautiful! What a nice way to say it eh? Yeah, I love that reflection!



00:08:48,440 –> 00:08:54,760

Yeah yeah. Thank you! And ‘just a momitis’, I think a lot of women can relate to that! I’m not a Mom



00:08:55,240 –> 00:09:00,920

but I, as a you know, like as a Holistic Practitioner I have a lot of clients who



00:09:00,920 –> 00:09:07,080

are moms, and my sister’s a mom and it just seems to be all-consuming for women and this



00:09:07,080 –> 00:09:11,560

Culture, like we’re kind of divided into these nuclear families, and everybody’s little silo and



00:09:12,120 –> 00:09:18,440

it’s, we’re meant to be holistic right? We’re meant to be a matriarchy, I believe



00:09:18,440 –> 00:09:24,520

naturally speaking, that everybody helps raise each other’s kids. Yeah we’re missing that community!



00:09:24,520 –> 00:09:31,800

with that yeah! Yeah yeah. And so yeah. No no, that used to be the way in Indigenous culture right?



00:09:31,800 –> 00:09:38,200

And it probably still is right, like they live on reservations, and and um well some of them do ,and



00:09:38,200 –> 00:09:45,480

and there’s more of a matriarchal rather than patriarchal um mindset right? In history anyway.



00:09:45,480 –> 00:09:49,640

Yeah. Because I think everybody’s been colonized, so we’re coming back to that more deliberately, and



00:09:50,600 –> 00:09:56,200

anyway. But yeah, tell us tell us more about ‘just a momitis’ and how that? I mean ultimately, I was



00:09:56,200 –> 00:10:03,720

just so wrapped up in taking care of my kids, and really to be honest martyring myself for my kids



00:10:03,720 –> 00:10:11,000

to provide whatever they needed, to put them first and everything. And I think that’s a flaw in in the



00:10:11,000 –> 00:10:15,480

the way that we perceive being a mother because we can’t actually pour from an empty cup, and i know



00:10:15,480 –> 00:10:21,960

this is an overused analogy but if you’re lacking and you’re burnt out and exhausted and and just



00:10:21,960 –> 00:10:27,320

not literally firing on all cylinders, you’re not at your best and when you’re not at your best you’re



00:10:27,320 –> 00:10:32,760

not giving as much as you as you could be and it’s not necessarily about just getting better so you



00:10:32,760 –> 00:10:39,800

can give more, but it’s because when you build up that abundance it overflows and then the giving



00:10:39,800 –> 00:10:47,080

is actually very natural and easy. And I wanted to just reflect something with back to the



00:10:47,080 –> 00:10:51,480

parenting thing, I think it would actually be really brilliant, now I’m not signing up for this, so if my



00:10:51,480 –> 00:10:57,880

kids hear this ever, just no i’m not signing up for this, but they have often had the older generations



00:10:57,880 –> 00:11:05,000

raising the children because they have their ‘poop in a group’ right? As young adults in our 20’s and 30’s



00:11:05,800 –> 00:11:11,640

we’re still figuring out who we are a lot of the times right? And so we don’t have the parenting



00:11:11,640 –> 00:11:16,920

skills that we might have if we were a little bit more mature and wise from personal experience.



00:11:16,920 –> 00:11:27,560

That’s just my take. Yeah! Did you just say ‘poop in a group’? Yeah yeah like shit in a row, ducks in a row I have a lot of sayings.



00:11:27,560 –> 00:11:36,600

Honestly I’ve never heard that before. Yeah, no I totally hear that and there are you know,



00:11:36,600 –> 00:11:41,240

like I have a few Indigenous friends they talk about the aunties and the grandmothers and you



00:11:41,240 –> 00:11:47,480

know, so this is why I believe that, you know we’re all we’re meant to work together you know? And no



00:11:47,480 –> 00:11:53,800

man, no woman is an island and we need each other you know? We need that community and kids are



00:11:53,800 –> 00:11:58,360

better off when they’re when they’re loved by multiple people, and cared for by multiple people.



00:11:59,000 –> 00:12:04,520

At least that’s been my experience and I’m so blessed; my own son had the benefit of being



00:12:04,520 –> 00:12:11,080

raised by grandparents you know up into a certain age. Yeah this is so cool so you know, I’m just being



00:12:11,080 –> 00:12:19,320

called to ask you Christy with respect to um your boys, like how do you see them



00:12:19,320 –> 00:12:25,080

when you were with their dad versus who they are now? Like have



00:12:25,080 –> 00:12:32,120

you noticed the difference with them? I have to be honest that they’re at a very different stage in



00:12:32,120 –> 00:12:38,920

Life, now they’re teenagers now, and they were younger then, so it’s hard to really say exactly



00:12:38,920 –> 00:12:44,360

what differences really relate because they’re just a whole different level of immaturity maybe?



00:12:45,640 –> 00:12:53,640

I don’t know they’re 13 to 16; it’s a lot of hormones, and um. 13-16 wow! Yeah god bless you



00:12:53,640 –> 00:12:59,240

well just the fact that that she can do like all this inner work and take care of herself, and love



00:12:59,240 –> 00:13:04,200

her vibe, using my language, um you know where you go to these incredible trips with your



00:13:04,200 –> 00:13:09,480

beautiful partner and you know my god we just get to watch it on social media and like i’m like



00:13:09,480 –> 00:13:15,720

“go Christy,” you know like you have these gorgeous trips out in the in the in the wild and the



00:13:15,720 –> 00:13:21,560

fact that you’re able to be such an example for them, and an example for all of us



00:13:21,560 –> 00:13:28,840

so even a mama with four boys, like young you know young boys 13 to 16, you can still live your best



00:13:28,840 –> 00:13:34,840

life right? Like is that not inspiring? Absolutely! Yeah and you should be living your best life,



00:13:34,840 –> 00:13:40,520

because life is too short for anything less. Like we have been taught to settle for far too long,



00:13:40,520 –> 00:13:47,480

and this isn’t just women although it may be more pervasive to women, and if we look back at some of



00:13:47,480 –> 00:13:55,400

the history yeah in in not that far past times we needed men. We needed them for our mere survival



00:13:55,400 –> 00:14:01,160

and so you know, we have this tendency to feel like we need a man or, or we’ll buck the system



00:14:01,160 –> 00:14:06,440

and say ‘I don’t need no man’ uh but you’re absolutely right, we aren’t meant to do life alone.



00:14:06,440 –> 00:14:10,280

This doesn’t mean that you have to have a spouse or anything it just means that you need



00:14:10,280 –> 00:14:18,040

to have people around you a good, safe, accepting, loving, non-judgmental community. Yes. And that to



00:14:18,040 –> 00:14:23,560

me that’s what Love Your Vibe is about, is about coming together in this non-judgmental



00:14:23,560 –> 00:14:29,960

safe space to explore who you really are, who, what those parts of you that you might have tucked away



00:14:29,960 –> 00:14:33,960

because someone told you it wasn’t good, or you know they didn’t like that about you, and so maybe



00:14:33,960 –> 00:14:39,960

there’s some parts that you tucked away! They’re probably superpowers in disguise which is probably



00:14:39,960 –> 00:14:46,200

why someone was bothered by it in the first place. Right? You know yeah, we can we can start to



00:14:46,200 –> 00:14:51,400

bring out some of those parts and I think they fester when we’re trying to hide things



00:14:51,400 –> 00:14:57,640

things kind of grow and fester into the surface and if we are provided a good safe space to explore



00:14:57,640 –> 00:15:04,280

to sort of bring those things to the surface and really take a good look at what’s going on. We can



00:15:04,280 –> 00:15:10,360

really set ourselves free! So I am all for like the safe space to be really, you know as you



00:15:10,360 –> 00:15:17,000

would say, fully expressed, because if we’re not then we’re probably still trying to be someone else.



00:15:17,000 –> 00:15:25,400

Hmm it’s true right? And ‘full self-expression can battle depression’ I’ve heard it said, and yeah and



00:15:25,400 –> 00:15:32,920

and even and Dr. Gabor Mate, one of my favorite messages of his is, and using my language



00:15:32,920 –> 00:15:41,560

is that ‘the antidote to trauma is authenticity’. Right? Being Fully Self-Expressed as you truly are.



00:15:41,560 –> 00:15:49,080

And so these are little hotbeds of, and incubators of, you know, Feeling and Healing and Revealing who



00:15:49,080 –> 00:15:57,400

you truly are, right? Now is it not cool to be a part of that? Haha! It’s so great, like I you know having gone



00:15:57,400 –> 00:16:04,840

through my own transformational experience over, over, honestly it’s still evolving, the journey is



00:16:04,840 –> 00:16:11,880

never over, there’s no end destination, you know it’s an ongoing uh adventure through life, and



00:16:12,600 –> 00:16:17,480

you know to watch and witness other people having those ‘Ah-ha moments’ and those breakthroughs and



00:16:17,480 –> 00:16:23,400

going from their pain and their suffering, to freedom and peace like there’s nothing like it!



00:16:23,400 –> 00:16:31,000

Oh it’s so juicy right? Oh my god I live for that! I live for transformation! It’s just like, and yeah you get



00:16:31,000 –> 00:16:36,360

to witness it at, you’re an apprentice and you’re witnessing that! Our lovely Eleanor is



00:16:36,360 –> 00:16:42,120

the leader that’s, you know, guiding you through all the teachings and tools, and you know trying them



00:16:42,120 –> 00:16:48,520

On, and seeing how they feel and revealing, you know, how you really feel and not being judged



00:16:48,520 –> 00:16:54,920

and you know, it’s just such a beautiful you know space for ‘healing and growth to greatness’



00:16:54,920 –> 00:17:01,080

as we like to say and uh yeah. I love that you are going to be one of our certified mentors



00:17:01,080 –> 00:17:07,400

real soon! You’re almost finished the apprentice program! Yay! Um so yeah, so I want to learn more



00:17:07,400 –> 00:17:14,200

about your next book so tell us a little bit about your next book? Oh I’m really excited about



00:17:14,200 –> 00:17:20,680

this next project and I don’t have an estimated completion date, but I’m going to loosely say 2024



00:17:20,680 –> 00:17:28,280

um I don’t know yet, but it’s about relationships. And not just romantic relationships but really



00:17:28,280 –> 00:17:35,000

all relationships, and okay tiny spoiler alert for all of you listening here, the relationship



00:17:35,000 –> 00:17:41,080

with yourself is foundational to all other relationships! So woven into this topic you’re



00:17:41,080 –> 00:17:47,640

going to see a lot about getting you know a better relationship going with yourself. Creating space for



00:17:47,640 –> 00:17:52,600

self-care, true self-care. I’m not talking like just bubble baths and pedicures I mean really truly



00:17:52,600 –> 00:17:57,480

nurturing your heart and soul. Yeah. And your and your meat suit too while we’re at it right,



00:17:57,480 –> 00:18:03,560

all of that but uh, and your mind you know the whole like I’ll say the whole-ass human, right?



00:18:03,560 –> 00:18:08,200

Hopefully I can say that on here. Everything’s acceptable here. Okay.



00:18:10,680 –> 00:18:15,080

They might bleep you out but I don’t know, I think it’s up to the producers, but anyway.



00:18:15,080 –> 00:18:22,840

Yeah well I won’t make a stream of beeping out or anything. Okay! Yeah, yeah really just like embracing



00:18:22,840 –> 00:18:28,680

your whole your whole human because that’s how you’re going to best be able to thrive in the



00:18:28,680 –> 00:18:34,360

World, and you’re meant to thrive! You’re not meant to suffer or struggle or be in pain all the time



00:18:35,080 –> 00:18:43,400

yet society has normalized that, and so oftentimes we just take it and accept that this just life is



00:18:43,400 –> 00:18:50,680

just hard. Right? Relationships are hard things are hard. And so guess what? They feel more difficult.



00:18:50,680 –> 00:18:54,680

Right? Because you continue to tell yourself it feels difficult so anyways back to the book



00:18:55,400 –> 00:19:00,760

it is really about you know this foundational relationship with yourself and then there is



00:19:00,760 –> 00:19:05,240

going to be of course we’re going to talk about communication, we’re going to talk about boundaries



00:19:05,240 –> 00:19:10,520

we’re going to talk about attachment, I’m no attachment expert by any means, but just an



00:19:10,520 –> 00:19:15,800

overview so that we can understand some of the dynamics that often happen in in difficult



00:19:15,800 –> 00:19:22,680

relationships which this is aimed to help people, you know, not necessarily fix their relationship



00:19:22,680 –> 00:19:27,480

because some of them are not, that’s not the right solution, that’s not the right path. Like my case



00:19:27,480 –> 00:19:31,880

that was not, there was there was no fixing what was never working in the first place.



00:19:32,440 –> 00:19:38,120

But what I can guarantee is that if you follow these steps you are going to find love that love



00:19:38,120 –> 00:19:43,880

that actually comes from within you, and if you can build that up, guess what it will overflow



00:19:43,880 –> 00:19:50,680

and you will receive it back from all kinds of places. So that’s a little spoiler alert



00:19:50,680 –> 00:19:55,560

but a little bit of what you can expect in there. Oh my god I can’t wait to read it yeah I almost



00:19:55,560 –> 00:20:00,200

feel like you’re going to become a love magnet right? Because you love yourself and then that’s



00:20:00,200 –> 00:20:06,920

what you attract. So it’s definitely something that, um yeah, I’m excited to read, how about you?



00:20:06,920 –> 00:20:13,160

As a single gal I am all about that! I look forward to reading too. Yeah, talk about raising your vibe though



00:20:13,160 –> 00:20:20,360

right whether you mean it from like an energetic standpoint, but also just knowing what you want



00:20:20,360 –> 00:20:25,880

allows you so much more clarity and when you know what you want it’s very clear when you’re



00:20:25,880 –> 00:20:31,000

experiencing something that’s not it! Yeah. Right? So instead of settling for something less you’re not



00:20:31,000 –> 00:20:34,920

going to settle, you’re going to hold out and you’re going to find something that’s much more



00:20:34,920 –> 00:20:41,080

appropriate and suited for you. Which that’s what you deserve right? Amazing, healthy, deep



00:20:41,080 –> 00:20:48,200

connection; that is what we were meant for. I love it! You’re so articulate! Yeah, I love it. And you touched



00:20:48,200 –> 00:20:52,120

on it, but it’s like I feel like that’s our culture, is that you’re we’re so conditioned to look for



00:20:52,120 –> 00:20:57,480

your other half, that’s just the romantic notion, and it’s like you need to find somebody to make



00:20:57,480 –> 00:21:05,080

you whole, and it’s like yeah… no. Actually because if you’re coming in two halves, then we’re making,



00:21:05,080 –> 00:21:10,120

then that’s where the codependency breeds (yeah absolutely) and then we’re looking for somebody else



00:21:10,120 –> 00:21:18,360

to fill us up and it’s just yeah. It gets messy. But two whole people uh, magic! Actually posted yesterday



00:21:18,920 –> 00:21:24,280

something that I say frequently and probably could shouldn’t could say more often stop looking



00:21:24,280 –> 00:21:28,200

for someone to complete you because that’s like Hollywood bullshit; you’re already whole! Oh sorry



00:21:28,200 –> 00:21:35,960

sorry again, um beep, whatever. Um you know that’s not real, that’s an illusion, that you can



00:21:35,960 –> 00:21:40,200

find someone to complete you because you’re already whole! Now what you actually want to find is



00:21:40,200 –> 00:21:46,200

someone who completely accepts you. So, stop looking for someone to complete you start looking for



00:21:46,200 –> 00:21:52,920

people who completely accept you. Complete game changer! With all your quirks and weirdness! Yes because



00:21:52,920 –> 00:21:58,680

you know what? If you can’t show that… and it oh it drives me bonkers when I see people trying to be



00:21:58,680 –> 00:22:04,520

like, oh like, I’m just gonna… should I do this on my first date? You should be you on your first date!



00:22:04,520 –> 00:22:09,880

Period. Because why are you wasting time trying to be someone else? I’ll tell you what I did, that I



00:22:09,880 –> 00:22:14,200

tried that one on myself.  I got into a marriage after pretending and honestly thought I felt like



00:22:14,200 –> 00:22:21,640

I had to like suck in my gut, and just keep my voice the same, for way too long right, because



00:22:21,640 –> 00:22:27,000

once you get in, you’re wearing the masks you’re keeping up this façade, it’s really hard to break



00:22:27,000 –> 00:22:32,920

out of that. Because then you get into this fearful place of like, ‘oh they might not accept me’ and



00:22:32,920 –> 00:22:38,360

especially if the dynamic is not good in the first place, it’s almost like certainty this would never



00:22:38,360 –> 00:22:44,200

fly. This wouldn’t be okay. I can’t actually be myself. And I know people do this all the time



00:22:44,200 –> 00:22:51,160

it’s so tempting, because we feel this deep need to partner with someone. Again, like I said



00:22:51,160 –> 00:22:56,040

especially for women, because you know until not that long ago, we couldn’t even get money on our



00:22:56,040 –> 00:23:02,840

own, so you know it’s in our cells, right? It’s in our DNA, and we’re still working past that, but



00:23:03,400 –> 00:23:09,240

women are rising. We now have all the, you know we have, not everywhere in the world, so you know



00:23:09,240 –> 00:23:15,240

please universe, if we can catch up the parts of the world we’re lagging behind us, uh, that women



00:23:15,240 –> 00:23:21,080

have equality. Yeah. And so you know, let’s move forward. Let’s rise together. Let’s bring our



00:23:21,080 –> 00:23:27,560

fellow sisters with, us and our brothers too of course, but. Oh, that’s so beautiful. Yes, the sacred



00:23:27,560 –> 00:23:33,640

masculine is vital. Oh yes, that’s true. Yeah it’s got to be a dance right? Yeah it’s got to be a



00:23:33,640 –> 00:23:40,840

dance of the sacred masculine, divine masculine and divine feminine, that to me will be Heaven on Earth



00:23:40,840 –> 00:23:47,320

and that’s the world that I want to help co-create, with you guys and another team at another level,



00:23:47,320 –> 00:23:52,600

it’s possible, it’s here right now, we just have to tap into that reality that it is here.



00:23:52,600 –> 00:24:00,040

So, oh my gosh Christy, you are such a gem I am so, so happy that that we’ve had this



00:24:00,040 –> 00:24:05,080

conversation. Anything before we close down? Yes, I want to thank you for your vision of The Love Your



00:24:05,080 –> 00:24:11,160

Vibe Foundation, like I see where you’re going with this Heaven on Earth and being a Miracle Mindset



00:24:11,160 –> 00:24:15,240

Magnet. Like I remember when we were just starting, and I’m like, as if I could ever tell everybody



00:24:15,240 –> 00:24:21,960

I’m a Miracle Magnet, never mind how to Mentor you to do it. But it’s but it’s something that grows



00:24:21,960 –> 00:24:26,920

and as we face our shadow, and we heal these layers, it’s just something that grows! And



00:24:26,920 –> 00:24:31,320

like you said Christy, like I loved how you put it, that healing is accepting everything that we are



00:24:31,320 –> 00:24:37,240

so that we can become whole, and to realize we’re whole, to realize that we’re already whole!



00:24:37,240 –> 00:24:42,200

Yeah there you go, yeah! Words! Words are so tricky, and that’s interesting thing about the English



00:24:42,200 –> 00:24:47,240

language is sometimes like woop, hold on a minute, we need to get in the habit of doing this



00:24:47,240 –> 00:24:51,960

Right? Hold on that’s not exactly… not become whole, woop.



00:24:53,720 –> 00:24:59,560

Yeah yeah exactly! Return to our authentic self right? I mean we’re co-creating a series of 11



00:24:59,560 –> 00:25:05,080

global retreat centers that are serving the one percent because they especially need to be doing



00:25:05,080 –> 00:25:08,840

this work consistently because they’re the leaders of our world right? And if they get it everyone



00:25:08,840 –> 00:25:15,320

else will get it and will resolve global issues with their support, and they need to realize that…



00:25:15,800 –> 00:25:20,600

um sorry there was something I was going to say there about the people at this level and



00:25:20,600 –> 00:25:26,280

this is my 61 year old mind that just lost it anyway. If it’s important, it’ll come back, but



00:25:26,280 –> 00:25:33,080

um yeah so I… you were you gonna say something else Eleanor? I was just gonna thank you,



00:25:33,080 –> 00:25:37,240

and thanking Christy for being an apprentice, Miracle Mindset Mentor apprentice, and it’s just



00:25:37,240 –> 00:25:43,800

such an honor to work with you! I can see how much you’ve practiced that Inner Work, and then



00:25:43,800 –> 00:25:51,240

it comes out of you as wisdom, and that you’re (you’re a rock star!) shining that light! I love all



00:25:51,240 –> 00:25:56,120

the conversations, they’re so juicy! I don’t know how people could be like, meh!



00:25:56,120 –> 00:26:04,680

Like it just, they’re so useful and so juicy and so deep, and I’m all about going deep! I’m



00:26:04,680 –> 00:26:09,000

not really you know, I’m not down for small talk anymore. You’re not a surface lady you are, you’re a



00:26:09,000 –> 00:26:14,120

deep lady! oh and I just thought of what I was gonna say, the centers are called Return to You Global



00:26:14,120 –> 00:26:19,880

Retreat Centers because that is what we’re all doing. We’re returning to the wholeness of us



00:26:19,880 –> 00:26:25,880

right? And to help these people get that they are these whole beings, they return to their authentic



00:26:25,880 –> 00:26:34,520

self. Guess what they do? They will heal, they will develop, go to the next level because you can



00:26:34,520 –> 00:26:40,200

only be so much if you feel that there’s anything missing, and you’re just showing up,



00:26:40,200 –> 00:26:45,160

your ego’s showing up with all its mass so that you’re accepted, you’re loved, you get money you



00:26:45,160 –> 00:26:51,080

get fame, but who are you really right? So this is about returning to you, return to your authentic



00:26:51,080 –> 00:26:56,520

self! I am just so excited about this, how great is that? Very exciting! Yeah and you’re going to be serving there



00:26:56,520 –> 00:27:01,640

Christy, so anybody being trained by this fabulous lady as a facilitator gets to serve at these



00:27:01,640 –> 00:27:07,400

incredible places; mark my words! So yeah, we we’re doing it, we are making the world a better place



00:27:08,120 –> 00:27:13,560

you know, by helping humanity become Miracle Magnets! It’s all a choice. We can choose to stay



00:27:13,560 –> 00:27:18,920

in the low vibes and be Crap Magnets, or we can choose to live as our aligned authentic fully



00:27:18,920 –> 00:27:25,880

self-expressed selves as Miracle Magnets, and we get to choose. So that is what I believe, uh and I’m,



00:27:25,880 –> 00:27:35,800

it’s my battle cry till I die! So exciting! Like it’s extra exciting, because you can’t go through



00:27:35,800 –> 00:27:41,800

this and then not want to share! Exactly. So it creates this like ripple effect whether



00:27:41,800 –> 00:27:47,080

you want to or not, but you don’t have to initially go in thinking, like I’m gonna do



00:27:47,080 –> 00:27:53,320

this to have a certain outcome. But once you experience it, you can’t keep it to yourself,



00:27:53,320 –> 00:27:58,520

because it’s like you’ve unlocked the secret to having a peaceful, and happy, and joyful life that



00:27:58,520 –> 00:28:04,840

really actually feels good and so of course you want everyone else, everybody join me! Like



00:28:05,480 –> 00:28:10,920

let’s all link arms because you all deserve to feel really amazing too! Yeah, yeah oh I love it, I



00:28:10,920 –> 00:28:16,600

love it. And you know what? We’re so happy as the part of this community because we get it and we



00:28:16,600 –> 00:28:21,320

just love on each other, because there’s nothing else to do but love on each other, when you accept



00:28:21,320 –> 00:28:26,680

yourself and you accept others there’s nothing but love right? And you know and some people



00:28:26,680 –> 00:28:32,600

think like this sounds kind of culty right? Because we’re so happy, but it’s not because I ain’t that



00:28:32,600 –> 00:28:38,600

charismatic as a leader, I’m okay, I’m not that charismatic, this ain’t a cult. It’s just inner



00:28:38,600 –> 00:28:43,240

Awareness! It’s inner work, and it’s you know and it’s stuff that I’m gonna do till I die. And



00:28:43,240 –> 00:28:49,240

I’m so glad that I have you guys on the journey, to do it with me till I die, and we get to help



00:28:49,240 –> 00:28:55,320

co, you know reveal Heaven on Earth, because I don’t say co-create anymore, I say reveal, because it’s



00:28:55,320 –> 00:29:01,160

already here, it’s already here. So yeah. See making those little adjustments, right? Makes a difference



00:29:01,160 –> 00:29:07,320

in perspective. Love it absolutely, absolutely. Yeah, so I think this is a good time to wrap up what do



00:29:07,320 –> 00:29:13,000

you think? Yes, fantastic! Awesome. I’m so grateful to Skyward TV and Hopeful Radio for this opportunity



00:29:13,000 –> 00:29:20,040

that we magnetized as miracles! So grateful for this aligned path of the spiritual journey



00:29:20,040 –> 00:29:25,560

towards mental wellness, because it’s needed today more than ever for people to



00:29:27,560 –> 00:29:32,840

to heal. Yeah yeah, amazing! We have such compassion for people who are struggling, and we hope that



00:29:32,840 –> 00:29:37,400

you got a glimmer out of this, so we would love to hear your feedback, your questions, and really



00:29:37,400 –> 00:29:43,080

grateful for your attention today. Yeah awesome, and will we put Christy’s information on how to



00:29:43,080 –> 00:29:47,800

contact her in the show notes, so if anybody wants to connect with you Christy, we’ll have a way of



00:29:47,800 –> 00:29:55,160

doing that, and um we are thrilled to um uh that you filled in last minute because our guest was



00:29:55,160 –> 00:30:00,120

sick and you came in and we’re so, so grateful that you were able to change your calendar, not



00:30:00,120 –> 00:30:06,520

your calendar, your schedule today to serve this beautiful uh conversation, so thank you for



00:30:06,520 –> 00:30:12,360

being the amazing human that you are! And uh thank you so much, we’ll see you next time on



00:30:12,360 –> 00:30:40,200

The Love Your Vibe Show, it’s A Revolution of Evolution! Bye, good night! Thank you!

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