Trauma and Personal Development

Meme by Holistic Eleanor, quote “Trauma decontextualized in a person looks like personality. Trauma over time in a family, can look like family traits. Trauma in a people looks like culture.” ~Resmaa Menakem

The Service of Self Care

What is the value of life?
This #ThinkingThursday, my conclusion is, it depends on who you ask, and the extent of their embodied trauma 🙃
I’m inspired today by witnessing the effects of gun violence, climate change, discrimination, plus other sources of pain, suffering and hardship 😥
You may scroll by thinking this is too much, and that’s fine!
Yet I’m honouring myself as an empath that I’m feeling the world, and am putting into words my complex thoughts and feelings 🌈
May this touch even one person if you’re at all interested, for the intended expansion of awareness into trauma, healing the world and your intended benefit 🌟
Consider the source. I’ve always been curious about human behaviour and healing. I’m a medically trained massage & wellness professional, from a matriarchal genetic lineage of medical professionals. I’ve been evolving through personal development, studying and practicing healing for 20+ of my 40 years on the planet 🙌
Admittedly, I’m not a trauma specialist, though my life Purpose is to facilitate holistic wellness through embodied empowerment, emotional intelligence, and healthy boundaries 💕
I’m becoming more keenly aware of how crystallized trauma is across our culture, acted out every day in hearts, minds & bodies 💎
The effects of trauma are easier to see in some people by “bad” behaviour, than it is in others by their “good” behaviour. Both are valid experiences. Judging rather than having empathy is where we can get stuck 💝
Trauma is not the circumstance of what happens to us, it’s the reaction that our being stores, in our neurological system and cells 😨
Our systems are tuned by generations of epi-genetic information, to be vigilant for and then react to future threats to keep us safe. The tendency is that we tend to overreact to potential threats, which keeps the cycle of trauma going through creating drama. Surviving, rather than thriving 😱
From my university education in sociology the past several years, I see that most issues and solutions are rarely singular, and are usually nuanced. The ego craves simplicity and duality 📚
There’s a micro angle within, a meso angle in community, and a macro angle with our institutions. They all interact and carry weight. They each have trauma embodied, according to Resmaa Menakem’s quote here, he’s a racial trauma expert, through an inter-generational lens 🧬
In a world where our macro-level economic system is based on the exploitation of people (labour), and planet (resources), I see our institutional systems largely put the value of money and power-over others ahead of the value of life and power-with others. Our laws and policies governing society, and values disseminated through media and education systems 🏛
However I believe that every single life has value. Everyone has something to learn, yet everyone has something to teach. Knowledge and experience are relative 💖
Everyone has a Purpose on this planet, because I personally don’t believe the Universe makes mistakes. We need to believe in our own selves, and evolve!
We each have free will, with consequences for our thoughts, words and actions, in one way or another 🤹‍♀️
We all have trauma. It’s baked into us through our personality 😜
On a meso-level our culture is slowly shifting, that’s the beautiful thing about culture, it will shift when we each on a micro-level are able to metabolize this trauma, heal and shift our inner worlds 💫
This shifts our behaviour, our personalities, and therefore our outer world through our perception, into our relationships💞
We’re learning the positive value of vulnerability and the negative impact of stigma, so we can be more aware, care and share our trauma as much as our triumphs, authentically 🤗
We’re learning to be more present, so we can act from alignment with love more often and deeply than fear. Which is admittedly a challenge, as we observe and process how much fear, trauma, and projected violence are otherwise ravaging around the world 😇👿
Healing is not an event, it’s not a switch we can flip, or a pill we can take. It’s a daily practice of tuning into our hearts, bodies & spirits, integrating the mind so that we use it, rather than it using us 🦋
Shifting beliefs, values, thoughts and habits as we decide what’s most important 🧠
This is the act and practice of #PersonalDevelopment, to me. Examining how the macro and meso-level traumas of the world are pressed upon me, and how my micro-level Self reacts, responds, or flows 😣😌
The solution for mental health and wellness is for each of us, collectively, to practice our #InnerWork to create beautiful healing ripples into the world 🌎
This is how we slowly yet surely co-create #HeavenOnEarth, on every level beginning within. How is this resonating?
I’m feeling my authentic truth ring in these words! If you got through this and received even one nugget I’m appreciative, though I’m honouring myself for articulating the complexities of life from my perspective 💗
Blessed be ☮
Relax, Refresh, Reflect and Rejuvenate

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