Unconditional Self Love Serves Your Community

Unconditional self love serves your community

Unconditional self love serves your community

I’m pondering LOVE this #ThinkingThursday as Valentine’s Day approaches πŸ’•
I pray that you might glean a nugget or two that you can apply to your own life 🌟
I’ve been blessed to observe and experience Eros (romantic love), Phileo (enjoyment, fondness, friendship), Storge (family loyalty) and Agape (unconditional love), as the Greeks philosophized πŸ’“
Unfortunately, I’ve also witnessed Conditional Love, from others, yet also from within.
Our culture demonstrates a superficial, and at times Manipulative Love πŸ˜”
A ‘love’ limited to β€œI love you if…”, or β€œI love you when…”
I used to apply this Conditional Love to apply myself, and beat myself up, especially when I made perceived mistakes 😣
This tendency led to anxiety, doubt, and was rooted in the fear of being ‘not good enough’.
The Love Your Vibe Transformation has truly shifted my perspective, anchoring in a deeper trust and respect for my divine Spirit, a foundation for Unconditional Self Love πŸ’–
My path of #InnerWork has taken much exploration, an honest reckoning to see and integrate levels of trauma with this love.
My relationships with my Self & others has softened.
I believe that #PersonalDevelopment is genuinely an Act of Service to humanity πŸ’ž
This journey would have been much more arduous if it was not for the community assembled by Elvira V. Hopper and the teachings & tools she was destined to bring forth (The Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset) πŸ’–
I’m ever so grateful for the space she curates, where all are: Safe, Seen, Celebrated & Supported πŸ™
To be truly witnessed, and unconditionally loved by others is simply priceless. We are a social species, hardwired to need each other πŸ’ž
This unique personal development SOULution within heart-centred community fills my heart πŸ’—
In a world where I observe the norm to be of space into which others interject themselves, fight for, and struggle to gain perceived power by fear, hate, ignorance and control.

I wonder about the old adage that love is weakness? Going β€œsoft” as they say?
Perhaps it is my privilege speaking, yet I feel in my soul this to be folly. As John Lennon said: “All You Need Is Love” πŸ’—
We have so much room to grow, and evolve into our greatest selves, with love πŸ’–
The deeper I love myself unconditionally, upon the foundation of inner trust & respect, the better I can discern my boundaries.
Though I may be ‘single’ this Valentine’s Day, I feel more Agape Love than I ever have!
How does this resonate?
Your thoughts & feedback are ever welcome 🌟
Relax, Refresh, Reflect and Rejuvenate

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