We Are Holistic Creatures

The Love Your Vibe Activation workshop

We are Holistic Creatures

This Thinking Thursday I’m reflecting that we are holistic creatures, each a body, mind, and soul together connected by spirit.

I was conditioned that physical health was separated, yet have come to learn our mental and emotional wellness are intrinsically vital to overall health.

Personal development has been key to delving into my subconscious mind, linking to body, by choosing to believe in the power of my soul. We are guided by the Universe, or Source Force as I affectionately call it.

The Love Your Vibe Transformation 6-Month Group Mentorship Program has been pivotal to revealing how past traumas were holding me back. Mindset was key to my evolution.

Healing really is an art!

It’s an ongoing process of creation, by bravely unlearning and relearning for enhanced neuroplasticity!

To ease our nervous systems by embodying our best selves, so we can become Aligned Authentic and Fully Self Expressed on our journey called life!

This Saturday we have an opportunity for you to particip-act in The Love Your Vibe Activation!

Join us for a succulent sampling in a 3.5 hour workshop format.

Here, we facilitate 3 Miracle Mindset teachings and tools with keys to apply them to your path!

You can gain a better sense of self awareness, with healthy boundaries, and personal empowerment.

Please join us July 23rd 1-4:30pm EST, though we’re offering it again Aug 20th to continue flexing your mind and heart this summer!

Reach out with any questions, or register now!

Relax, Refresh, Reflect and Rejuvenate

You Are the best investment you will ever make

Personal Empowerment, Embodiment and Evolution