What Is Unique About Holistic Eleanor’s Approach To Healing?

Holistic Eleanor

What is unique about holistic eleanor's approach to healing?

I’m here with a unique perspective on the human experience, understanding there are a multitude of influences upon each of us, overlapping. I care so deeply about our society on this home planet, including your well-being.

In addition to my career as a Massage Therapist for decades, and thanks to my gift of curiosity, I was led to university studies as a mature student. I am pursuing a degree in Social Psychology (a dynamic combo of Sociology, the study of human relationships & institutions, and Psychology, the study of mind & behaviour) plus a minor in Political Science.

Getting to the root of disease in people and society is my passion. Family issues with mental illness, addictions, and broken relationships, plus a degrading natural environment on Earth are my inspirations to seek sustainable solutions.

Consider your awareness of the world, from the micro-level, the human body & perception, to the meso-level, your community & relationships, to the macro-level, your experience with institutional structures; you may expand your perception to see that everyone’s experience is unique, and prejudice serves no one.

It is important to me that your valid truth is never bypassed, nor dismissed by toxic positivity. As a privileged woman, I understand fairly well intersectional oppression, and victims are never to be blamed.

However, I do believe our darkness and shadow selves are there for a reason. It takes courage to explore what is uncomfortable and painful, yet I believe those crappy-feeling stories can become the richest fertilizer. This inner work can be very challenging, though I find when you want to vent or share heavy stories, an empathetic companion to hold safe, non-judgmental space is indispensable.

You will be encouraged into a solutions-oriented attitude, to take control of your life by making choices that serve your best interests, wherever possible!

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