Your Crap Makes The Best Fertilizer

Your crap makes the best fertilizer! You're writing the end of your story. Keep flowing and growing! Meme by Holistic Eleanor

Your Crap Makes the Best Fertilizer

Consider that your crap makes the best fertilizer!
Your crap comes when you are most vulnerable with yourself. Physically, and emotionally!
I’m talking about emotionally though, about how we process the crappy things in our life.
How the trauma we experience CAN be fertilizer to grow within ourselves!
Granted I’m a privileged person, though I’m learning to recognize when I’m struggling, where I might be making it harder for myself than necessary..
For example, I learned early in my 20’s about control dramas, particularly the bully and victim ego dynamics.
This ego has evolved to protect us, yet it’s activated by fear, which short-circuits our higher processing abilities.
From personal experience, we tend to over-react with bully energy, or under-react with victim energy; as a gross simplification.
With a growth mindset, connection within our bodies, time and patience, we can learn to heal our trauma, and soothe our egos.
Here we begin to surrender into the moment, and make space for self-love!
From this state of presence, we can better respond appropriately and learn to flow with spirit.
There are many layers to this process, and it’s easier said than done.
Yet I fully attest to the experiences where I played victim, and incidents where I perpetrated harm — projecting my own crap onto others — have served in the long run to make me a better person as I manifest my dreams!
Can you relate?
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